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Lucas Molleman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences



Lucas joined the University of Nottingham in November 2013. He received his MSc in Biology and MA in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. He then moved to the University of Groningen, where he did his doctorate research in theoretical biology. His research focuses on human cooperation, social learning and cultural evolution.

Dr Molleman's complete cv can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Research Summary

Research interests

  • Cooperation; Social learning; Cultural evolution; Cooperation and coordination; Collective action; Experimental economics; Individual decision-making.

Submitted research

  • Moral strategies in human reputation-based cooperation (with Violet Swakman, Aljaz Ule and Martijn Egas)

Research in progress

  • Social learning and cooperation across societies (with Simon Gaechter)
  • Conducting interactive decision making experiments online (with Antonio A. Arechar and Simon Gaechter)
  • The separate and concerted action of direct and indirect reciprocity (with Violet Swakman and Martijn Egas)
  • Peer effects in punishment (with Felix Koelle, Simon Gaechter and Chris Starmer)
  • Peer effects in rule violation (with Daniele Nosenzo and Simon Gachter)
  • Culture of honour revisited: cooperation and punishment in the US South (with Benjamin Beranek and Simon Gaechter)

Selected Publications

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