The University of Nottingham is a leading international centre for energy research, with a reputation for excellence across a broad range of technologies encompassing bioenergy, fossil energy, energy storage, the built environment and electrical grids with a current grant portfolio in excess of £40M. 

The research is stimulating innovation, resulting in licensing and spin-off activity through collaborations with industry, developing national and global enterprise networks. As part of the strategy to further grow our internationally leading research programme, the University is investing £7M funding in new energy technologies and bioenergy buildings. 

Nottingham is one of three universities (with Birmingham and Loughborough) comprising the Midlands Energy Consortium (MEC) which hosts the Energy Technologies Institute and where we have established the Midlands Energy Graduate School to provide a unique shared platform to improve the quality of Postgraduate Research (PGR) training in energy research.

Latest News


Softly does it to solve our nuclear waste problem

Developing our understanding of how uranium interacts with elements from around the periodic table to potentially help clean up nuclear waste.
Release Date
6 weeks ago

Taking wireless communication to the next level

Nottingham leads 3.4M Euro research into wireless chip to chip communication.
Release Date
11 weeks ago

Nottingham researchers join Royal Society of Chemistry's meritorious academics

Two chemists join the ranks of illustrious winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Corday-Morgan Awards.
Release Date
12 weeks ago
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