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Mohammed Parvez Anwar

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering



PhD, Structural Engineering, Yokohama National University, Japan

MEng, Structural Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore

BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

Teaching Summary

Structural Engineering

Structural Dynamics

Advanced Concrete Structures

Advanced Concrete Properties

Wind and Earthquake Engineering

Selected Publications

  • NIMA FARZADNIAA, ABANG ABDULLAH ABANG ALI, RAMAZAN DEMIRBOGAA and MOHAMMED PARVEZ ANWAR, 2013. Characterization of high strength mortars with nano Titania at elevated temperatures Construction  and Building Materials. 43, 469–479
  • M.P. ANWAR, H. YAMADA, H. KATSUCHI and J. JAYAPRAKASH, 2013. ADAPTIVE CONTROL OF FLUTTER AND BUFFETING IN LONG SPAN SUSPENSION BRIDGES: A CASE STUDY ON AKASHI KAIKYO BRIDGE In: 4th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  • E.P. DE SILVA, L.T. LEONG, M.P. ANWAR and W. ELLEITHY, 2013. EFFECTS OF FOOTFALL INDUCED VIBRATIONS ON COMPOSITE AND CONCRETE FLOORS In: 4th International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
  • NIMA FARZADNIA, ABANG ABDULLAH ABANG ALI, RAMAZAN DEMIRBOGA and MOHAMMED PARVEZ ANWAR, 2013. Effect of halloysite nano clay on mechanical properties, thermal behavior and microstructure of cement mortars Cement and Concrete Research. 48, 97-104
  • MOHAMMAD PANJEHPOUR, ABANG ABDULLAH ABANG ALI, MOHAMMED PARVEZ ANWAR and FARAH NORA AZNIETA, 2012. An Overview of Strut-and-Tie Model and its Common Challenges International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa. 8, 37-45
  • MOHAMMAD PANJEHPOUR, NIMA FARZADNIA, MOHAMMED PARVEZ ANWAR and ABANG ABDULLAH ABANG ALI, 2011. FRP Sheets Contribution in Common Repair Techniques of Concrete Structures with Emphasis on Concrete Columns International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering & Technology. 2(2),
  • S. SHABAZPANAHI, A. ABANG, N. FARAH, S. RAIZAL, A. KAMGAR and P. ANWAR, 2011. Modeling Crack in Concrete and Propagation Criterion In: Conference on Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure of Materials and Structures(CFRAC 2011). 206
  • ALGORAFI, M.A, ALI, A.A.A, JAAFAR, M.S, OTHMAN, I and ANWAR, M.P., 2010. Parametric Study of Externally Prestressed Segmental Beam under Torsion Journal of Engineering Structures.
  • ALGORAFI, M.A, ALI, A.A.A, JAAFAR, M.S, OTHMAN, I, ANWAR, M.P and RASHID, R., 2009. Effect of Torsion on Externally Prestressed Segmental Concrete Bridge with Shear Key American J. of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 2(1), 54-60
  • ALI, N, ALI, A.A.A, JAFAR, M.S and ANWAR, M.P., 2008. Behaviour of Interlocking Load Bearing Hollow Putra Block Panels with Stiffeners under Vertical Load In: Curtin University of Technology Science and Engineering International Conference 2008 (CUTSE 2008).
  • ANWAR, M.P, YAMADA, H and KATSUCHI, H., 2006. Adaptive control of Wind Induced Vibration of Suspension Bridges In: 4th World Conference on Structural Control and Monitoring, UCSD, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • BALENDRA, T and ANWAR, M. P., 2005. Direct Measurement of Wind-induced Displacements in Tall Building Models using Laser Positioning Technique Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 93(5), 399-412
  • BALENDRA, T, LEONG, T.K and ANWAR, M.P., 2003. Wind Induced Displacements of Multiple Tower Buildings Using Laser Positioning Systems In: 11th International Conference on Wind Engineering, Lubbock, Texas, USA, June 2-5, 2003.

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