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Heavy Metals

Ecosystem Processes

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Since the late 1980's we have been involved in a range of work on the environmental transfer of trace contaminants such as radionuclides and heavy metals.

We have undertaken work on soil bioavailability of contaminants, soil-plant transfer and plant to animal transfer.

In the case of radionuclides some of this work has evolved into the development of spatial models for the transfer of contaminants to the foodchain.



More recently we have undertaken work on the development and application of models to support remediation of contaminated land.

We also have a range of work on the development of models for ecosystem processes (e.g. biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen; dynamics of lake ecosystems).

In parallel with the above work we are also been involved in the development of methods (and in some cases software) relevant to environmental science.

These pages provide information about the range of environmental modelling work within the Environmental Science Group at the University of Nottingham. Some of our closely related field and experimental work is also included.

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The Environmental Science Group is part of the Division of Agricultural and Environmental Science which is part of the School of Bioscience.

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