Welcome to the Earth Observation Technology Cluster

The Earth Observation Technology Cluster is a knowledge exchange project, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), under its Technology Clusters Programme.

The Earth Observation Technology Cluster's objectives

The Earth Observation Technology Cluster's main objective was to facilitate understanding, development and uptake of state-of-the-art technology used in Earth Observation of the land surface.

The additional aims of the Technology Cluster were:

  • facilitating the growth of the NERC technology community;
  • developing a supportive and vibrant environment for technologies research; and
  • providing a forum for technology dissemination, showcasing and sharing best practice across NERC science disciplines. 
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About the Earth Observation Technology Cluster

The Technology Cluster focussed on technology that can be used for a range of scientific applications such as measuring gas emissions from volcanoes, to 3-D mapping of natural and urban environments, and monitoring the effect of climate change on plant life, Polar sea ice and ice-sheets. Activities of the Technology Cluster include consideration of the full range of Earth Observation operations, from platform and sensor development, to image retrieval and analysis, environmental modelling and application. Activities designed to facilitate knowledge exchange included workshops, demonstrations and seminars. Six distinguished scientists focussed on the following five key Earth Observation themes:



Current Calls for Papers 

Remote sensing open access journal

The Cluster is still accepting submissions for the Call for Papers for Special Issue in Remote Sensing: "Earth Observation Technology Cluster: Innovative Sensor Systems for Advanced Land Surface Studies".



Earth Observation Technology Cluster

Email: eotechcluster@nottingham.ac.uk