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University of Nottingham spin-out companies

The University of Nottingham has successfully spun out 40 companies.

Our Technology Transfer Office is based at the Sir Colin Campbell Building which provides a gateway between Jubilee Campus and the University's Business Park (UNIP), and acts as an incubator for high technology companies, mainly in physical sciences. 

University of Nottingham spin-outs also benefit from the incubation facilities provided by BioCity, Nottingham, the largest bioincubator in the UK, which is uniquely structured to focus on bioscience and healthcare companies.

Below is a selection of the University’s spin-out and commercial subsidiary companies with a brief description of what they do.

Professor Ed Lester in laboratory

Further information

Further information about our spin-out activities is available in the Spin-out Company Portfolio brochure or by emailing                  



Added Scientific is a service and consultancy facility operating out of the Additive Manufacturing section within the Faculty of Engineering, focusing on design, bespoke software, material development, process enhancement and characterisation of product materials in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Critical Pharmaceuticals logo  Critical Pharmaceuticals is a drug delivery product development company. It has developed a simple, one-step, patented formulation process to create a highly active drug delivery system. Based in BioCity, Nottingham, Critical Pharmaceuticals has received both seedcorn and venture-capital funding.



Heartlight Systems is a joint venture business between The University of Nottingham and Tioga Ltd, an electronics manufacturing company with an international reputation, to further develop the University's Heartlight technology - a novel method of measuring heart rate by using changes in reflected light from the skin.               



Exonate develops and licenses Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) control agents that may be used as therapeutics in areas such as paint control, macular degeneration and cancer. Anti-VEGF-directed therapy currently constitutes the gold-standard treatment for Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other neovascular diseases of the eye.

Exonate's research in this area has identified therapeutic candidates for wet AMD that can be administered as a simple eye drop, thereby overcoming the unpleasant need for once-a-month injections in the eye.

Molecular Profiles logo 

Founded in 1997 by an academic group at The University of Nottingham, Molecular Profiles was set up to provide drug development and consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. 

In September 2013 the company was acquired by Columbia Laboratories Inc (Nasdaq: CBRX) of Boston. In April 2015 Columbia Laboratories announced that the company had adopted Juniper Pharma Services as its new brand name.

Acquisition of Molecular Profiles by Columbia Laboratories

Molecular Profiles is now Juniper Pharmaceuticals

Monica Healthcare logo 

Monica Healthcare was acquired in March 2017 by GE Healthcare. 

This follows 15 years of collaborative research between the University's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and its Department of Obstetrics. 

Monica manufactures a mobile foetal monitoring device for at risk pregnancies. 

Since 2015, GE Healthcare has been Monicia's exclusive North American distribution partner for its Novii Wirless Patch System. The devices are used in hospitals throughout the world.

GE Healthcare acquires Monica Healthcare - press release


Oncimmune logo 

Oncimmune has developed EarlyCDT-Lung – a blood test that aids the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer. This breakthrough is being extended to the detection of other common cancers e.g. breast, colorectal, ovarian and prostate. The company is based in customised laboratory and office space at Nottingham City Hospital and has attracted significant private investment.

Precos logo 

PRECOS (Pre Clinical Oncology Services) Ltd offers specialised research services in preclinical oncology testing. The University established PRECOS as a specialist business unit in 2004, and it was spun-out as a separate company in 2010.

In July 2013 the company was acquired by American bioscience business, Crown Bioscience Inc.

Press release

Promethean Particles logo   
Promethean Particles synthesise nanomaterials in dispersion for a range of applications from catalysis, printed electronics and coatings. They offer materials discovery services as well as toll manufacture, and licensing of their technology. They have developed and operate the world's largest continuous hydrothermal process for the manufacture of multiple nanomaterials at over 1,000 tons per year. The company is based in Nottingham.


Scancell logo  

Scancell specialises in the discovery and development of novel monoclonal antibodies and vaccines for the treatment of cancer. Its four main research areas are: apoptosis-inducing monoclonal antibodies; anti-growth factor antibodies; identification of novel antigens, and vaccine development.





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