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Julian Rosser

Leverhulme Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences


Selected Publications

  • ROSSER,JULIAN, SMITH,GAVIN and MORLEY,JEREMY, 2017. Data driven estimation of building interior plans International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 23
  • ROSSER, J, LEIBOVICI, D and JACKSON, M, 2017. Rapid flood inundation mapping using social media, remote sensing and topographic data Natural Hazards. 87(1), 103–120
  • ROSSER, J, POURABDOLLAH, A, BRACKIN, R, JACKSON, M and LEIBOVICI, D, 2016. Full Meta Objects for flexible geoprocessing workflows: profiling WPS or BPMN? In: Proceedings of the AGILE 2016 International Conference on Geographic Information Science. Helsinki, Finland.
  • LEIBOVICI, D and ROSSER, J, 2016. Multiway sensitivity analysis of the fusion of earth observation, topography and social media data for rapid flood mapping In: Proceedings of Spatial Accuracy 2016. Montpellier, France.

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