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We have a number of research students in the school. You can view their profiles below.

Cultural and Historical Geography

Anna ColinAnna Colin

What makes an alternative space?

This user has yet to upload a user imageReshaad Durgahee

Comparative Indentures: Experiences of Indentured Labour and Transnational Identity


This user has yet to upload a user imageJulia Feuer-Cotter

The First Road North - the Historical and Cultural Geographies of Alaska's Arctic Haul Road

Alexander HarbyAlexander Harby

Geographies of War Gaming


This user has yet to upload a user imageAlice Insley

Painter and Place: Exhibiting the Work of Joseph Wright in Derby, 1800-1900

This user has yet to upload a user imageMark Lambert

Ordering Expended Mobility: The Designation and Display of British Railway Heritage 1948-Present


Felix de MontetyFelix de Montety

The Silk Road: An Imaginative Geography c1870-1960

This user has yet to upload a user imageTracey Mooney

Environmental History of Whittlesea Mere


This user has yet to upload a user imageCaroline Servaes

Environmental history of South Sinai

Benjamin ThorpeBenjamin Thorpe

Pan-Europa: the birth of the supranational in interwar Europe


Kate WhistonKate Whiston

Ruffling Feathers: Contesting Aesthetics and Athleticism in British Pigeon Fancying, c.1850-1939




Economic Worlds

Joseph DanielsJoseph Daniels

Crowdfunding Cities: the geographies of crowd-funded urban development

Joseph HewittJoseph Hewitt

Tackling disability, developing livelihoods; Investigating orthotic programmes, microfinance and employment futures in Africa


Philip NorthallPhilip Northall

Sustaining Urban Habitats: an Interdisciplinary Approach




Environment and Society

Stephen AondoakaaStephen Aondoakaa

Investigating the impacts of pit latrines on groundwater quality in Benue state, Nigeria

Prasujya GogoiPrasujya Gogoi

Landscape evolution and flood inundation modelling in large, complex braided river Brahmaputra, A case study of Majuli Island, North East India


Mohsen GulMohsen Gul

Drivers and Barriers to Environmental Volunteering amongst Youth in Global North and Global South: A Comparative Study of United Kingdom and Pakistan

Emil IvanovEmil Ivanov

Ecosystem assessments, ecosystem, services and environmental accounts


This user has yet to upload a user imageStephen Jones

A Transdisciplinary Examination of UK Arable Farmer's Perspectives on Soil Quality

This user has yet to upload a user imageWilliam Knight

Public engagement with UK Shale Gas Development


This user has yet to upload a user imageVivyan Lisewski-Hobson

Public access to woodland for recreation, conservation and education

Holly McCainHolly McCain

Environment and Society/Economic Worlds

Corporate environmental decision-making and the ecosystem services approach


Jeremy RisonJeremy Rison

Woodland management

Mark StevensonMark Stevenson

Carbon cycling in Arctic lakes


This user has yet to upload a user imageIvan Tekic

Environmental history and historical geography of woodlands of coastal Dalmatia, Croatia

Sarem Ugoh Web ProfileSarem Ugoh

Walking the sweet orange food chain: Agri-food geographies of orange postharvest losses


This user has yet to upload a user imagePaphaphit Wanasuk

Socio-environmental impacts of the commodity chain of mulberry sericin soaps in Thailand





Nachnoer ArssNachnoer Arss

Interaction with Projected Augmented Relief Model

This user has yet to upload a user imageMarzhan Baigaliyeva

Closed lakes hydrology - Burabay case study


Joseph BaileyJoseph Bailey

Advancing biodiversity and species distribution modelling with geodiversity

This user has yet to upload a user imageChloe Brown

Remote sensing investigation of how oil palm cultivation is degrading Malaysia's tropical peatland ecosystem service


Chris ChandlerChris Chandler

Spatial and temporal patterns of liana success in Malaysia

This user has yet to upload a user imageLiam Clark

National-scale model of water surface width based on UK river flow data and remote sensing


This user has yet to upload a user imageRowan Dejardin

Understanding Global Teleconnections Between Ocean and Atmosphere Over the Transition from the Last Glacial Maximum (ca. 25ka) to the Present in the Southern Ocean

This user has yet to upload a user imageJames Hicks

The Thermal Vulnerability of Malaysian Lizards


Shaun MaskreyShaun Maskrey

Geosciences/Environment and Society

Supporting local flood risk decision-making using participatory modelling

This user has yet to upload a user imageLiberty Mgbanyi

A Chronicle of Drainage Basin Morphometry and Channel Morphology in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Of Nigeria


Nicholas PrimmerNicholas Primmer

Low Latitude Holocene Climate Change from Varve Analysis

Sarah RobertsSarah Roberts

Algal community response to recent environmental change and anthropogenic pollution in Lake Baikal, Russia, over the last 1000 years


Thomas StantonThomas Stanton

Geosciences/Environment and Society

Sources, pathways and receptors of microplastic pollution in the UK

This user has yet to upload a user imageSimon Tarr

Predicting climate change effects on Anolis lizards using physiological models and ecological traits


This user has yet to upload a user imageCatherine Waite

The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Microlight Aircraft for High-resolution Image Capture

Savannah WorneSavannah Worne

Investigating Bering Sea oceanographic controls on the Milankovitch orbital cycle climatic shift during the middle Pleistocene


Jamal ZaherpourJamal Zaherpour

Better Representation of Climate Change Impacts from Multi-model Ensembles




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