School of Geography

Alice Insley

Start date

January 2013

Research topic

Painter and Place: Exhibiting the Work of Joseph Wright in Derby, 1800-1900

Research supervisors

  • Professor Stephen Daniels
  • Professor Nicholas Alfrey

Primary funding source

AHRC CDA scholarship

School research theme

Cultural and Historical Geography

Research summary

My research focuses upon the exhibition of the work of Joseph Wright in the nineteenth century, particularly the way that he was represented in Derby and used as part of the town's material and cultural development. Whilst Wright is an artist who had a national and international presence, my main focus will be upon the way his affiliation with Derby was developed and strengthened in the 19th century. 

I am particularly interested in the role that exhibitions had at this time, the way they were represented and discussed, and what they can tell us about the relationship between places, people and art. By studying the changing relationship between Wright and Derby I will be engaging with the broader connection between painters and places, specifically the role of this relationship in the formation of cultural identity. 

From my research I hope to be able to gain an insight into how such activities have shaped our perception today and how they continue to colour our understanding of Wright. This ties in with my general interest in the way that art and visual material acts as a site in which multiple cultural and historical narratives can be found, enriching our understanding of the different contexts within which it is made and experienced.


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