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International Staff Training Week

The University runs an annual International Staff Training Week during spring, for staff from international universities who are involved with international issues at their home universities. 

The course gives a unique opportunity to find out more about the University of Nottingham and to benchmark and share best practice with colleagues from a range of other institutions. It provides a great chance to network and to learn from colleagues working in similar fields.
2016 Robin Hood

 Our 2017 International Staff Training Week was held from Monday 24 to Friday 28 April, the theme of the programme wass Global Connections: continuing partnerships in a changing world. The following topics were included:

  • Teaching partnerships
  • Study Abroad
  • Social media

The themes were covered through a series of workshops comprising of some presentations from University of Nottingham staff, some best practice presentations from participants and some seminar style discussions. There were also cultural activities and opportunities to meet staff from the University of Nottingham. The tentative timetable for the programme can be found here: International Staff Training Week Timetable.


The programme is free for Erasmus+, Universitas 21 (U21) and International Exchange partners but there is a fee of £150 for non-partners. Lunches are included in the cost however hotel costs and airfares are not included. Participants receive recommendations for hotels and travel to the UK and Nottingham following acceptance to the programme.


The programme is aimed towards members of staff in Higher Education institutions who work within internationalisation; colleagues who work in international offices or colleagues who coordinate or administer study abroad or exchange programmes in academic departments are also welcome to apply. We consider up to two participants per university/institution to allow the opportunity for representation from a wide-range of institutions. We accept approximately 30 participants onto the programme and participants are accepted based on reasons for application, experience in working within an international higher education environment and the institution you currently work at.

Information about future International Staff Training Weeks will be available towards the end of 2017.

If you would like to join our mailing list to be notified of the latest updates and information, please contact our Short Courses Administrator by email.

Testimonials from previous Staff Training Weeks:

"Thank you again for a wonderful staff week! I'd give it a 10 out of 10."

"The programme was nicely structured and well prepared. I had chance to speak with our partner schools too, so I can say I was very satisfied with the week."

"Brilliantly organised, excellent presentations, amiable people - I would definitely recommend taking part to a colleague (and I have)!"

"The whole programme was excellent, highly useful and very well organised. The presentations covered most of the topics I expected to hear about and were, at the same time, exhaustive and interesting food for thought."

"I had a great time at this training week and it reminded me why I like to work at a university and it reminded me now interesting it is to meet people from different parts of the world and what connects us. So thank you very much for offering it."

"The International Staff Training Week was an excellent opportunity to connect with peer institutions, learn more about Nottingham and the British system of Higher Education in general, and served to remind us why we are involved in International Education. A nicely organized, informative and fun week, which left us inspired to return home and innovate."

"The staff training week at the University of Nottingham not only gave me insight into a university truly committed to internationalization, but also, due to the intense exchange with colleagues, quite a bit of inspiration to take home. Thank you!"

"Great networking opportunities with both local staff and staff from participating universities."

"The University of Nottingham made a great impact: it would be great to study here."

"Congratulations for having involved so many International Office members in this workshop. It was really very very interesting and useful. Thank you!"

"I can recommend this university to our students because I’m sure they will be welcomed by a very good team."

"It was very useful to have best practice presentations from colleagues, to know how they are working, what difficulties they have etc."

"Thank you for the organisation and the perfect support when here. Great choice of dinner location! It looks like a large group of very competent and pleasant people work together and know what to do. Impressive to watch!"

"Thank you for this great experience and sharing all this information with us. It's been a great and very valuable exchange."



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