Crops for the Future

Crops for the Future 

Crops for the Future


Over half of humanity’s food comes from only three crops ─ rice, wheat and maize. Yet thousands of others are also important, but overlooked as sources of:

  • nutrition
  • food
  • animal feed
  • medicines
  • other resources
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In our current times of changing climates and economic and social upheavals it is essential that we promote diversity in the crops we use. These crops are vital to:

  • support poor peoples’ coping strategies
  • encourage sustainability

Crops for the future is an international organisation dedicated to neglected and under-utilised crops. Opened in 2008, it is a joint venture hosted in Malaysia by The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus and Bioversity International.

Strategic objectives

Crops for the future supports, collects, synthesizes and promotes knowledge on neglected and under-utilised species for the benefit of the poor and the environment.

Its activities are arranged into three major strategic objectives:

  • increasing the knowledge base for under-utilised crops ─ especially regarding sustained market access, nutritional security and health and climate change
  • identifying and advocating necessary policy change to promote the use of under-utilised crops
  • fostering capacity building about under-utilised crops

Research councils

The University of Nottingham has an extremely good track record of attracting Research Council funding for its portfolio of internationally recognised science.

The University is in the process of developing longer term and sustainable partnerships to answer the challenges of global food security, including the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the BBSRC which leads the RCUK initiative on Food Security.

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