GNSS Research Applications Centre of Excellence
The University of Nottingham
Thursday 19th (10:00) - Friday 20th January 2012 (13:00)

Crowd-sourcing in national mapping

Project development workshop leading to internships

AGILE and EuroSDR invite researchers, national mapping & cadastre agencies and GIS professionals to participate in a 1½ day workshop to discuss the role of crowd-sourcing in national mapping. This practically focused workshop will start with scene-setting presentations on the rise of crowd-sourced geographic information before inviting participants to group together to discuss the challenges of using crowd-sourced data in a national mapping context, and to develop short project plans. At least three projects will be funded as student internships in Summer 2012.

AGILE and EuroSDR are together funding pilot project research into the use of crowd-sourcing in a national mapping context. The projects are to be carried out through university student internships in the summers of 2012 and 2013 with funding of €1800 per internship (unless further funded by project partners). The intention is that the projects will pair a national mapping of cadastre agency (NMCA) with an academic partner(s). In order to set an agenda for the internships and to award at least three projects for the 2012 round of internships, the project organizers, Jeremy Morley (Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham) and Dr. Peter Mooney (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) invite participants from across Europe to a project development workshop to be hosted at the University of Nottingham. We hope that this will be a stimulating and discursive event, with a scene setting introduction by principle researchers from the academic, NMCA and commercial sectors. We are aiming for a workshop size of 40 – 50 participants. We look forward to seeing you in Nottingham.

Please download the Workshop Flyer with Agenda, and register here.


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