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“Knowing what others are doing in the world is a significant source of learning and innovation, and frequently an encouragement and motivational force to persevere in the long term.”

(Draft International Implementation Scheme for the UN DESD, 2005: 19



What is ISIBS?

 ‘Integrating Sustainability into Business Schools’ (ISIBS) is one of a group of ‘Leading Sustainable Development in Higher Education’ projects and analyses the extent to which business schools have integrated and communicated social, economic and ecological sustainability in their educational programmes, research and their organisational practices and processes.  It is funded by the Leadership, Governance and Management Fund of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

The project, a collaboration between the Nottingham University Business School, International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and the University of Bath School of Management, Centre for Business, Organizations and Society, runs from September 2010 until August 2011.  It is supported by the following organisations: UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME), UNESCO Chair ‘Higher Education for Sustainable Development’,  European Academy of Business in Society, Aspen Institute, Association of Business Schools and several English business schools.

Research will be conducted into those business schools that have already made commitments to contributing to sustainability education.  It comprises content analysis of the ‘Sharing Information on Progress’ reports submitted by business schools to UN PRME and a telephone survey of English business schools. The research findings will be used to generate mini cases of ‘Integrating Sustainability into Business Schools’. Tools and methods for wider use of these good practices will be developed.

The project thus aims to encourage business schools to begin seeding activities within their organisation and to improve understanding of how these innovating units can interact with the wider organisation and address barriers within this process.

The project will support business schools and their stakeholders in understanding their potential contributions to a sustainable development. English business schools will be encouraged and given guidance on how to contribute to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.


Project Design




The advisory board consists of:




Jonas Haertle
Head of UN PRME


Gerd Michelsen
‘Higher Education for Sustainable Development’



Jonathan Slack
Chief Executive Association of Business Schools


 Andrew Crane

George R Gardiner Professor of Business Ethics


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