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Meet Leanne, Caroline, Lisa and Sue.

Four inspirational women living with or recovering from breast cancer are the driving force behind our Life Cycle 6 #BreastCancerAndMe campaign.

Here, in powerful interviews, they each share their own #BreastCancerAndMe story with you. Talking openly about their personal experiences of living with the disease, they give us an insight into the devastating impact of breast cancer and the real hope that research being developed here at The University of Nottingham brings to them and their families.

"Cancer is part of my life and always will be"

At any point, it can come and do whatever it wants to me. If it does come back, I don't have many options. I still expect to die from cancer, but I don't know when. I haven't overcome the fear. It's not nice to think that this disease is going to kill me. It's not nice to think about every day.

- Leanne

"You never imagine it'll happen to you"

I feel like it's taken away the joy of thinking about the future with my family, because it's tinged with fear that I might not be there for them. My determination is to try and keep going as normally as possible. If I don't it's like I've become a cancer patient. And that's not me.

- Caroline



"I would love a cure for cancer"

All I thought of straight away were my three children - I was determined that they wouldn't go through what I'd been through when my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. I don't want anybody to have to go through what we've been through as a family.

- Lisa

"I want research to give better treatments"

I struggled when my hair grew back - I didn't like to look in the mirror - all I saw was a cancer patient. I took the support offered to me by my family and used humour to get through the really difficult times. I always said my husband's job was to make me smile or laugh at least once a day.

- Sue



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