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Children's Brain Tumour Research

Each year, hundreds of children and their families are faced with the frightening diagnosis of a brain tumour. Those who survive are often left with disabilities as a result of intensive treatments. 

New ways to tackle childhood brain tumours are urgently needed but there's a problem. Brain tumours account for 25% of all childhood cancers yet recieve less than 1% of the UK's cancer research funding. Developing new treatments for children is particularly hard, making progress slow and limited. Our experts at the Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre believe that they can make existing drugs and treatments more effective for those who so urgently require them - but we need your help. 

Can you help us raise £225,000 for a new research post? 

We need another researcher to help co-ordinate our innovative work into what drugs we use and how we administer them. Together, we can give children fighting for their lives the best treatment possible. 


What are we doing? 

We believe that there are safe drugs already available that have the potential to tackle brain tumours if they are given in the right way. 

One of the problems with treating brain tumours is that our bodies are very good at stopping drugs from getting to the brain. We need to find ways to get past our own natural defences to get directly to the tumour.

We're researching intrathecal delivery. This is where anti-cancer drugs are injected directly into a child's spinal fluid or brain. It's not a new method but we believe it has the potential to work with drugs that haven't been used to treat childhood brain tumours before. 

Intrathecal injections mean that we only need to give 1 milligram of an anti-cancer drug to have the same effect as 200-300 milligrams given through conventional methods. 

By using less, we can significantly reduce the long-term, toxic side-effects these powerful anti-cancer drugs have. 

What impact are we having? 

The Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre is at the forefront of thinking. Our experts are respected nationally and internationally.
They also share a strong commitment to only do research that is needed and wanted by patients. Until results are gathered, grant-based funding can be hard to access at the start of projects.

Over the years, the generosity of donors has kick-started research that has gone on to recieve large grants - trebling the value of every pound donated. Your belief in our work makes progress possible.





This Christmas, you gave the greatest gift

Thank you for supporting our CBTR Christmas appeal. Your genorosity smashed the £50,000 target with some brilliant fundraising ideas including a Mad Hatters Tea Party and a wrestling match! 

Your gift will now help our researchers investigate a new way to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly into a brain tumour - meaning the drugs could potentially eradicate the tumour, without some of the side effects of traditional treatment.

You can still make a donation to our Christmas appeal and help support this innovative research by clicking on the donate button below. 

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How you can help 

We need to raise £225,000 to bring a new clinical research fellow into our expert team for three years.  

We want the best minds to join our team because we believe that children with brain tumours deserve the best.  

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