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The Institute for Name‑Studies is the home of research into place‑names and personal names at the University of Nottingham. The English Place‑Name Society (EPNS) is the established national body for the subject; its offices and library are housed in the Institute.

Intrigued by a town or village name in England? The Key to English Place‑Names offers answers.

For the detailed record and analysis of English place‑names – from cities to villages, farms and fields – the Survey of English Place‑Names is the established reference‑source for historians, linguists and geographers.

The EPNS publishes the Survey and other related works, including an annual Journal: members of the Society receive regular publications and information.

Research into the words that make up England’s names – from English, Norse, British Celtic, French and Latin languages – is published in the Vocabulary of English Place‑Names

There is a full list of our research projects.

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