International students


Students with families

Here at the International Office, we are happy to offer support to international students with children and families. This includes:

  • English language classes for spouses and partners
  • events for children
  • information about childcare

Bringing your family to the UK is a big decision, and we suggest you read our guidance notes below to familiarise yourself with the services available to students with families. 

Download our Bringing your family to Nottingham This file is in Adobe PDF format leaflet.

Students with families

English language classes

The International Office offers information on English language classes for partners (husbands and wives) of registered students, staff members, academic visitors and sponsored researchers who wish to improve their English. Details are available from  english.partners@hotmail.co.uk

For information on other types of English language support available, please see our guide English language classes in Nottingham This file is in Adobe PDF format

For information on English language support for registered students, please see Insessional English Programmes at the Centre for English Language Education in the School of Education. 


State education is free in the UK. If you have a child/children aged between five and 16, and your course of study is for at least six months, then the Local Education Authority (LEA) will provide a place for them at a state school near to where you are living, providing that your child does not hold a visitor visa.

Where your children go to school depends on where you will live when you arrive. It is not possible to make arrangements for schooling until you know exactly where you will be living.

Events for children

Each term, the International Office coordinates at least one event for the children of international students, staff and academic visitors. Popular events include our annual Christmas Party in December and Summer Picnic.

A full list of events is available in our Excursion and Event Planner. This file is in Adobe PDF format


The University has a 50-place Day Nursery on University Park Campus. The nursery, which caters for children aged four months to five years, is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Students may be eligible for subsidised fees. There is also a University Play Centre and out of school term time there is a University Play Scheme and Toy Library. In addition, Busy Bees, a private organisation, also provides day care at The University of Nottingham close to the other university childcare provision.

The University has a small fund called the Child Care Support Scheme to offer eligible students some financial assistance towards meeting the costs of essential registered child care while they are studying.

For further information on childcare please visit the Child Care Services website.



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