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PowerMAN activation day!

Today Thursday 17 March is PowerMAN activation day.

From today all inactive Windows machines will automatically hibernate after 7pm. The University will be using the PowerMAN service to do this, helping to reduce environmental and financial costs.

To help remote desktop users, WakeMyPC, allows users to turn on their office PC for remote working from anywhere, at any time, over the internet without having to leave office PCs on. This service is also available to people whose office machine is an Apple Mac or Linux computer.

Staff who have not yet tried the service are encouraged to test the WakeMyPC service across the office to help identify any technical issues.

Computers that must be left on for operational reasons or that are attached to essential or experimental equipment can be opted out from the PowerMAN service. Users are encouraged to make IT Support aware of any such equipment as soon as possible.

Information Services understands that some PCs will need to be kept on at certain times for processing. Machines running certain applications will not be switched off by the PowerMAN service. Other applications can be added upon request.

For more detailed information and frequently asked questions, visit the WakeMyPC/PowerMAN page on the Information Services website. Your local IT support team will be able to provide technical support. The user interface for the new service is currently being improved based on feedback. 

Changes to the University’s web hosting service – do they affect you?

Do you have a University website? If your website is not in the standard Content Management System (Contensis), then you may be affected by some changes due to take place on Tuesday 29 March.

Information Services are upgrading the University's web-hosting service. Some websites will need to be checked to ensure that they work properly on the new service. Your site will definitely need checking if your pages end in '.php' or 'phtml', but some other sites will also be affected.

For more information and guidance, please go to the IS guidance page.

University to replace the Virtual Learning Environment (WebCT)

From September 2012, the University will be using a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Moodle – an improved teaching and learning system, designed to support the growing needs of the University in all of its campuses. This will be replacing the University’s current VLE, WebCT.

During the academic year of 2011-2012, the University will begin to move content from WebCT into Moodle, so that both are running in parallel. Migration will occur in phases and will not affect any existing content in WebCT. Moodle will be fully implemented and becomes the University’s primary VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) from September 2012 onwards.

The new system will, however, be available to pilot from September 2011. For users who wish to start exploring Moodle in advance of the formal migration, please contact Nigel Owen.

Read more about the VLE review

Primo - new search and discovery tool for library and related resources

The University will be replacing both UNLOC and eLibrary Gateway with a new system called Primo.

Primo is produced by the same software company that provided UNLOC and eLibrary Gateway and work has already begun to tailor it to the University’s needs.

For over 10 years, the University has used UNLOC to search and use Library stock, and the eLibrary Gateway to access electronic journals and other online resources. Primo will simplify the task of identifying and accessing scholarly information by:

  • making its search and delivery facilities available in all appropriate Web contexts 
  • exploiting Web 2.0 features, so that the University community’s collective experience can enhance the service
  • delivering the service through a range of mobile devices as well as through networked computers 
  • offering access not just to library-owned or subscribed material but to other resources and collections, including the Primo Central database which currently provides details of more than 200 million journal articles

Primo will be available, (initially in parallel with UNLOC and eLibrary Gateway), for the start of the 2011-12 session and will be continually developed in response to user feedback. 

Changes to the MFD default print setting

Thanks to student feedback, from Monday 21 March the default setting on all multifunctional devices (MFD) on the print copy scan pre-pay system will change from colour to black and white.

From this date, all MFDs will print automatically in black and white. To print in colour, users will need to change the default settings to ‘colour’ or ‘auto’.

Instructions on how to do this are available in the print copy scan guide PDF file icon(PDF) on the Information Services website.

IAM benefits presented to Information Services Strategy Board

A presentation was made this month this month to ISSB (Information Services Strategy Board) as an update on phase two of the IAM (Identity and Access Management) project, highlighting the key benefits delivered to the University. These benefits included:

  • a significant reduction of the number of unauthorised usernames that had access to University systems 
  • an increase in the delivery of associates usernames from an average of two weeks to four days
  • self-service password changing facilities which has reduced the number of helpdesk calls
  • fully auditable username management
  • correct identity data across connected systems
  • an International Directory of all UK, China and Malaysian usernames (which allows collaboration by using one username and password across the three campuses)

The IAM service provides individuals with a username to allow access to services they are entitled to use. It underpins the core main services for the University which include: 

  • usernames 
  • email
  • network storage
  • workspace
  • Shibboleth
  • e-resources
  • WebCT
  • Intranet Portal

Phase two of the project is due for completion before Easter with Phase three currently being planned

Any comments and suggestions are always welcome, please email IS Marketing and Communications.      

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