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Undergraduate Students make good use of the Language Centre facilities

Since its establishment in 1991 the Language Centre has grown steadily and developed to become what it is today: a dynamic teaching unit offering high quality language learning to more than 1200 students from all departments across the University. A small proportion of students follow a degree course with a compulsory language element. The majority, however, choose a language as an optional module and can either begin a new language or improve existing language skills.

Students learn in small groups in a relaxed environment with tutors who come from different countries and different professional backgrounds. All tutors are qualified language teachers with a high degree of motivation and commitment.

The skill of foreign language competence can:

  • increase employability
  • enhance the ability to operate cross-culturally, as study of a language brings with it cultural awareness of a country, its people and customs
  • facilitate international collaboration, particularly in parts of the world where English still has a limited presence
  • open opportunities to apply for and take up study or work placements abroad

The Language Centre also offers a programme of evening classes (fee paying) that is becoming bigger and more popular each year.

New and exciting times lie ahead for the Language Centre with the development of distance learning MA programmes.

Through its modules, the Language Centre makes a valuable contribution to the University’s agenda of Internationalisation.

Our aim is to help you ‘Talk to The World’, so come along and find your voice!


The Language Centre

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telephone: +44 (0) 115 84 66358