NUsearch is an integrated search interface which helps you to search for books, journal articles and more both in our libraries and elsewhere.

You can access NUsearch directly, via the Library website, via the Portal or via Moodle. 

Frequently Asked Questions about NUsearch


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Using NUsearch

Three search options are presented:

  • Library collections: search for books, journals and other material in University collections
  • Articles: search a large central index of journal articles and conference proceedings; offers full text indexing of most of the e-journals to which the Library subscribes
  • Library collections & Articles: search both the Library collection and the central index

Whilst it is possible to use NUsearch without logging in, we recommend that you do "Sign in" with your University login at the outset to access the full functionality and to interact with your library record, via the My Account link. For example, you can set up personal search preferences; save results and search queries for future use; and use borrowing services such as requesting or recalling items. 

There are a number of infocasts to help you start using NUsearch. 


Improved access to quality information

NUsearch draws on a central index that aggregates hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources. It encompasses journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more. Documents are harvested and then indexed from commercial publisher and aggregators, and from open-access repositories.

Language enhancements

UNLOC filters results to seven languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.  In NUsearch you can filter to many more. Search and retrieval in Mandarin is especially enhanced.

Reviews and tags

After signing in, you can assign words and phrases to items that you discover to help you organize and locate them later. These tags are public so the other researchers will be able to view and use them. You can also review items and share your opinions with others.

Bibliographic management

Save bibliographic data on the e-Shelf, then export to EndNote, EndNoteWeb, RefWorks or del.icio.us.

Future development

We have plans to continue to develop NUsearch:

  • online support materials
  • access through mobile devices
  • integration of Manuscripts and Special Collections
  • integration of Nottingham ePrints
  • further integration with Moodle
  • interlibrary loan integration

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