Linguistic Profiling
for Professionals
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Coming in early 2018 - our MA in Professional Communication provides the knowledge and expertise for superior oral, written, and visual communication skills.

Our course is designed for people who seek the techniques and knowledge required to be communication specialists in a wide range of fields in an ever-shifting 21st century workplace.

Communication is vital to the way we conduct business, co-exist with colleagues and clients - and reflects how we operate as human beings including how we interact with the wider world.

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MA course



Our innovative programme guides learners through the following 20 credit modules:

  • Professional Communication at Work
  • Effective Communication for Business Leaders
  • Digital Communication for the Professions
  • Global Business Communication
  • Language, Gender and Professional Communication
  • Communication and Engagement in Healthcare
  • Research Methods in Professional Communication

The course comprises the above selection of 20 credit modules and a 60-credit work-based project. For more information on the course content or to apply, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.


We believe that learning should take place at a pace that suits you.

Busy period at work? Summer holiday and no childcare cover? We've designed our courses to reflect real-world pressures. Our Masters course in Professional Communication can be broken down into self-contained, accredited points and is available as a:

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) - 3 modules; 1 year
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) - 6 modules, 1.75 years
  • Masters degree (MA) - 6 taught modules plus a work-based project; 2 to 4 years

This means you can begin learning without tying yourself into a full two year commitment and still gain a recognised qualification after one year of studying.

Our flexible fee system allows you to budget for each course by paying per module. The fee rate from September 2017 will be £48 per credit. This works out as follows:

  • a 20 credit module will cost £960
  • the work-based project (60 credits) will cost £2880
  • the full cost will be £8640

For more information on the course content or to apply, please get in touch.


Our MA in Professional Communication is a dynamic and engaging programme as it combines a multidisciplinary approach to allow you to acquire skills and knowledge in organisational negotiation, leadership and rapport management.

The course is designed to equip you with higher level skills in interpreting and analysing communication and interaction in professional situations to allow you to make progress with your communication skills.

Online CPD courses

We have just launched an exciting new range of entirely online CPD modules.

All are accredited and are worth 10 credits so can be taken individually or put towards a PGCert, PGDip or even an MA.

For more information, pricing structure and how to apply please visit our online CPD page.


Linguistic Profiling for Professionals

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