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Women in science

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Women in Science


The School of Mathematical Sciences actively supports women in mathematics and encourage both female students and staff members to join the school.

Best practice

The School of Mathematical Sciences is a supporter of the Good Practice Scheme co-ordinated by the London Mathematical Society. This means that we have publically committed to taking practical actions that aim to cultivate a working environment in which all staff and students, both male and female, can achieve their full potential. We have developed an extensive good practice action plan to improve gender diversity within our school.

Inspirational women in maths stories

In August 2014 Maryam Mirzakhani, a professor at Stanford University, won the Fields Medal for achievements in mathematics, a medal comparable in prestige to a Nobel Prize, first awarded in 1936.

Some women from the School of Mathematical Sciences at The University of Nottingham have made videos to:

  • inspire others
  • talk about what it is like to be a mathematician in academia today and why they chose academia
  • communicate the passion they feel for what they do and what they love about it
  • describe the creativity needed for research
  • and yes - why it can be combined with having a family!

Here's a video from Professor Ivette Fuentes, an academic working in our Mathematical Physics group, talking on her blog 'Multiverse' about quantum mechanics, general relativity and women in maths.

Student tutors

Female students within the school have a dedicated tutor specifically to support them who is available to be contacted at any time.

Postgraduate student and staff coffee break

There are regular term-time coffee breaks held for women within the school. These informal get-togethers is a chance to chat, exchange experiences and get to know each other. Every other week during term-time all female PhD students, postdocs and academic staff in the School of Mathematical Sciences are invited to come along for a break.

Female postgraduates and female staff meet over tea and cake (which is provided) at 3:30pm every two weeks in the Mathematical Sciences common room. 

These meetings will occasionally be open to our female MSc students and all undergraduates who may be interested in perhaps going to do a PhD. This will then be advertised several days before and will be held in another room.


On a practical level the university offers support to help the balance of home life and university life. Full details can be found on the university support pages.

Athena SWAN charter

In recognition of promoting women in science, The University of Nottingham is one of only five universities to have held a Silver Athena Scientific Women's Advancement Network (SWAN) Award. This award is for institutions that recognise and celebrate good practice for women working and studying in science, engineering and technology (SET) in higher education and research.

The School of Mathematical Sciences is currently holding a Bronze Athena SWAN Award, to honour the efforts made to advance the careers of women in mathematics, the full submission document is available to view.

Women in science events

April 27 2016
Room A1
Pope Building
University Park

Get to Know Our Female PhD Students!
There will be short talks from our postgraduate students
and then the opportunity to ask any questions you may have
and just have a chat. Refreshments will be provided. 


Feb 26 2016
Room C1
Pope building
University Park

Talk - What it's Like to Work as a Postdoc
A talk about Lisa's research and career in general.
Topics covered include her research work, how a working
day of a postdoc actually looks as well as what you can expect
from an (academic) career in maths or science.

Dr Lisa Glaser
March 18 2015 Women and Men: Careers in Academia  Dr Lynne Walling
March 4 2015

Women's Lunch-time Networking Session
We'd love to hear about why you chose maths at 
Nottingham. Postgraduate students will be on hand
to chat about their experiences in maths after their UG degree.

March 26 2014

Discussion Forum - 
Why should girls choose maths?
Whatever the answer, we want to know why!

March 12 2014

Discussion Panel -
Finding a balance: career and family life

Dr Ivette Fuentes
Dr David Hawker
Dr Renata Retkute
Dr Christian Wuthrich
University of Nottingham

March 12 2014 Lecture -
In Search of lost time in.....quantum gravity

Professor Fay Dowker
Imperial College London

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