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Farhad Shokraneh

Medical Information Specialist (Literature Search Expert), Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



I graduated from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Iran University of Medical Sciences with a BSc (2004-2008) and MS (2008-2010) in Medical Library and Information Science. My master dissertation was implementing the first clinical librarianship project in Iran in a busy emergency department answering the doctors' clinical questions in less than 15 minutes using evidence-based medical information. During my master degree, I also developed an Information Skills module consisting of 34 hours of teaching and practicing information mastery for researchers, students, and clinicians.

Between 2011 and 2013, I acted as the managing editor of BioImpacts and a lecturer in Research Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (RCPN) in Tabriz teaching information mastery and providing research consultancy to the students and researchers. During this period I also involved in conducting tens of systematic reviews in various topics. In addition, I helped in establishment and development of over 20 peer-reviewed medical journals in four medical universities.

Since July 2013, I joined the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group at University of Nottingham as the information specialist and database manager. I now contribute to updating over 310 Cochrane reviews and maintaining the largest database of randomized/controlled clinical trials of schizophrenia and related disorders. I also do some lecturing in difference departments on information skills.

Teaching Summary

- Systematic review for the dissertation

- Systematic searching for literature review

- Reference management

- Bibliographic databases for literature review

- Developing a research question for a systematic review

- Writing a protocol for a systematic review

- Developing a search protocol

- Developing search methods for systematic review

- Searching for grey literature

- Search in the Web

- Screening the search results

- Data extraction from trials

- Meta-analysis

- Selecting a journal for publication

- Academic writing and publishing ethics

- Registration of clinical trials and systematic reviews

- Keeping updated in the field

- Writing a curriculum vitae

- Clinical decision making: Moving from theory to practice

- Critical appraisal of literature

- Biases in medical research

- Biases in randomized controlled trials

- Biases in systematic reviews

- How to share your research

- Introduction to big data

- Introduction to data science

- Introduction to scientometrics

- Databases for evidence-based medicine

- Finding rapid evidence-based answers for clinical questions

Research Summary

I am currently working of methodological aspects of information retrieval and management in systematic review context. This includes the development of search methods for systematic reviews and data… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

I am currently working of methodological aspects of information retrieval and management in systematic review context. This includes the development of search methods for systematic reviews and data and metadata management in databases.

Right now, I am trying to provide a classification of the interventions (as metadata) reported in studies for the systematic review purpose.

Past Research

I have worked in information retrieval methods to answer the clinical questions either in clinic or research setting.

I used to work on scientometric/bibliometric studies for research and academic evaluation purposes.

Future Research

- Development of online platform for data sharing purposes

- Development of evidence-based search methods for systematic reviews

- Classification of interventions extracted from clinical studies

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