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Shihning Chou

Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Centre for Forensic & Family Psychology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


  • workRoom B Floor YANG Fujia Building (formerly International House)
    Jubilee Campus
    Wollaton Road
    NG8 1BB
  • work0115 846 6623
  • fax0115 846 6625


Dr. Shihning Chou is a Registered Forensic Psychologist. She obtained her BSc (Hons) in Psychology and MSc in Forensic Psychology Practice from the University of Birmingham. She completed her PhD at the University of Liverpool.

After getting her MSc, Dr Chou worked as a research associate at the University of Birmingham for 4 years and the University of Liverpool for 18 months. She also worked as a school instructor at the University of Birmingham, organising the module and delivering the teaching on systematic review methods and advising on forensic psychology doctorate review projects for 2 years.

She was the Focal Point for the former World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre in Child Care and Protection at the University of Birmingham for 2 years.

After joining the University of Nottingham, Dr Chou jointly set up the Professional Doctorate in Forensic Psychology and MSc Forensic & Criminological Psychology with Professor Kevin Browne, Director of the Centre for Forensic & Family Psychology and Forensic Psychology Programmes.

Over the years, Dr Chou has carried out research on international adoption and its association with deinstitutionalisation of children; child abandonment and its prevention, parenting, and the impact of childhood victimisation.

Expertise Summary

Child abuse and neglect, family violence, trauma, conflict-related trauma, resilience, attachment theory, parenting, systematic reviews

Teaching Summary

Director of MSc in Forensic & Criminological Psychology and Year 1 D.Foren.Psy.

Module organisation for 2017-18:

  • Forensic Organisational Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology Research Projects (Year 1)
  • Systematic Reviews and Critical Appraisal
  • Systematic Review Projects

Also supervising D.Foren.Psy, MSc and PhD research.

Research Summary

2015 - 2017 Post-conflict psychological recovery and family well-being (Principal Investigator)

2015 - 2017 Projects under the Police Knowledge Fund (Joint lead with Prof. Browne)

  • Developing Missing Children Risk Algorithm
  • Specialist training and seminars on Child Protection and Missing Children

Main interests: Victimisation and resilience across lifespan, the development of vulnerability and harmful behaviour.

  • Childhood victimisation, abuse and neglect;
  • Child-to-parent violence;
  • Elder abuse and neglect in family, community or health/care facilities;
  • Parent-child interactions and parenting interventions;
  • Post-conflict psychological recovery and coping;
  • Psychological recovery and family well-being among asylum seekers and refugees.

Selected Publications

PhD proposals or expression of interest in my main areas of interest are welcomed all year round.

D.Foren.Psy. research

Yvette Ennis, 2016 - present

Nadine Genz, 2017 - present

Shi Hui Liew, 2017 - present

Emily Shaw, 2015 - present

Natasha Silos, 2015 - present

Katie Turner, P/T 2012 - present

Louise Williams, 2015 - present

Rachel Allen, 2015 - present (with Dr Najat Khalifa)

Tamara Brabazon-Taylor (with Lydia Bullock)

Bethany Harrison, 2016 - present (with Dr Miriam Stanyon)

Sarah Hodgkinson, 2016 - present (with Dr Jen Yates)


Ginelle Nelson (VC scholarship), 2017 - present (with Prof. Stephen Joseph)

Anthony Salla (ESRC DTC scholarship), 2015 - present (with Prof. Bill Dixon)

Past Research

Past projects

2014 - 2015 The extent and characteristics of institutional care for young children in Europe: A follow up study (Joint Principal Investigator with Prof Kevin Browne)

2009 - 2012 Co-authoring and working full time as the project manager for an EU Daphne funded project on 'child abandonment and its prevention in Europe'

2004 - 2005 Working full time as the project manager for an EU Daphne funded project on 'identifying good practices for the deinstitutionalisation of children under 5 in Europe'

2004 A rapid systematic review on the effects of media violence on children's behaviours based on a joint grant from Youth Justice Board as the full time primary reviewer

2001 - 2002 Evaluating the effectiveness of parenting orders on tackling child/youth offending as a part time research associate

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