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Vibhore Prasad

Academic General Practitioner (GP), Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Teaching Summary

I work in the Primary Care Education Unit (PCEU) as the course convener for the Community Follow-Up (CFU) module.

Research Summary

I am conducting research in primary care with the Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group.

I am funded by a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded Doctoral Research Fellowship and am undertaking a PhD in the epidemiology of injuries in children and young adults under the age of twenty-five years old.

I am using the General Practice (GP) medical records of people who are registered in the CPRD to study the rates of injuries in people with epilepsy and attention-deficint hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and using the linked hospital records (from the Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) database) to compare the rates of more serious injuries.

I hope to describe the epidemiology of injuries in children and young adults with these specific conditions so that we can inform doctors, patients and their families about the risk of injury in relation to these diseases and thereby allow them to make more informed decisions on medication and lifestyle.

Recent Publications

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