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ESS seminar MiRoR at iNDT, Erlangen, Germany

ESS seminar at iNDT, Erlangen, Germany

Exploitation Strategy Seminars (ESS)  26th July 2012
Hosted by intelligeNDT Systems & Services GmbH, Erlangen – Germany

One of the scope of the ESS is to identify non technical factors which cause a risk that the future results of the project would remain unexploited. These may be internal factors, such as diverging expectations or intentions between project partners (risk for conflict of interest). Other factors can be external such as market evolution, legislative or normative influences, lack of acceptance by society, etc.

The ESS aims at setting up an action plan for addressing these factors. The ESS is  a free service to NMP projects provided by the by the Innovation Platform (EC) 

Posted on Friday 13th April 2012

MiRoR is part of the EU Seventh Framework Programme under theme: Robots for automation of post-production and other auxiliary processes, collaborative project 284959