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Study abroad: experience the world and gain valuable life skills

Experience the world and gain valuable life skills by studying abroad.

There are a range of options that give you the chance to travel and experience different cultures while still working towards your Nottingham degree.

And studying abroad will make your CV look vastly stronger.

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Hear what students have to say about their experience of studying abroad.


Music students experiences

Philippa Hood, University of Auckland, Australia

Philippa Hood in New Zealand

I chose to study at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. It was a great decision, as both studying and living there were fantastic. The structure of the course was similar to here at Nottingham; however, I had the chance to study some modules that were not available in Nottingham, as well as to experience a different teaching style.

One of the best things was the group of people I lived with – from all over the world. We had so much fun in Auckland, as well as travelling around New Zealand. I am soon starting on a graduate scheme in London, and I found that my study abroad experience really helped in the application process – in fact, in some of my interviews it is all I talked about! Employers are interested in people who have done something different, and this is a perfect example.


Jenny Wilkinson, McGill University, Canada

Jenny Wilkinson in Canada

I spent six months studying abroad at McGill University in Montreal, Canada; it was the best experience of my life.

McGill is one of the world’s top universities. I studied a wide range of modules, from research projects to conducting to pre-school music teaching. Living abroad also equipped me with skills which will remain with me forever, and I made lifelong friends from across the globe. The opportunities for travel offered a host of experiences I would otherwise never have had.

After graduating I hope to work with international students, recruiting them to UK institutions and offering student support in an atmosphere including regular overseas travel. Grasp the opportunity and study abroad – it will be the best decision you ever make!


Nick Goode, University of Hong Kong

I chose to study abroad at the University of Hong Kong for a semester in my second year...Studying at an Asian university has given me a very different outlook towards my undergrad education. I chose courses in Chinese music history and Mandarin, and although they are quite challenging for a Westerner, they are also incredibly rewarding...I have made friends from all over the world and the experience has given me a broader, more global approach to life.

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