Music and the Melodramatic Aesthetic



  • Virginia Anderson (University of Nottingham, Music)
  • Neil Brand (London)
  • Jan Butler (University of Nottingham, Music)
  • Heather Caddick (University of Nottingham, Music)
  • Philip Carli (Rochester NY)
  • Helen Day-Mayer (University of Manchester)
  • Tamara Dollin (University of Nottingham, Music)
  • Polly Goodwin (London)
  • Sarah Hibberd (University of Nottingham, Music)
  • Todd Hinds
  • Cynthia Marsh (University of Nottingham, Russian and Slavonic Studies)
  • David Mayer (University of Manchester, English)
  • Nanette Nielsen (University of East Anglia, Music)
  • Jo Robinson (University of Nottingham, English)
  • Edward Rushton (Zürich)
  • Susan Rutherford (University of Manchester, Drama)
  • Julie Sanders (University of Nottingham, English)
  • Jake Smith (University of Nottingham, Film)


  • Broadway Cinema, Nottingham
  • Counterpoise
  • Lakeside Arts Centre, University of Nottingham
  • MOSS Centre for Music on Stage and Screen, University of Nottingham
  • Opera North

Technical advisors

  • Teri Browett, (Humanities Research Centre, technology officer)
  • Roger George (Gogglebox Video productions)
  • Richard Statham (Lakeside, technical manager)
  • John Walsh (web mounting of video clips)



Music and the Melodramatic Aesthetic

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