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The Department's research culture includes a series of free music colloquia and seminars which offer the chance to hear academics from the department as well as visiting scholars. Everyone is welcome and refreshments are provided.

If you have any queries, please contact Xenia Pestova.

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Colloquia and seminars

Autumn semester 2017

The autumn semester colloquia will be hosted on Tuesday 14 November with talks from David Trippett and Andrew McPherson. For more information, please contact Xenia Pestova.

Nottingham Lakeside Arts Music programme

Past seminar series

Spring semester 2017

7 Feb 2017

Professor Stephen Goss (University of Surrey)

The continuing legacy of Julian Bream and John Williams: commissioning and collaborating in new works by Harrison Birtwistle, Julian Anderson and others

28 Feb 2017

Laraine Porter (De Montfort University)

Silent cinema music and the transition to sound

7 Mar 2017


Dr David Trippett (University of Cambridge) 

Towards a transhuman ear

21 Mar 2017

Dr Freya Jarman (University of Liverpool)

Gendered meanings of singing high notes

28 Mar 2017

Dr Joanne Cormac (University of Nottingham)

The creative process mythologised: depictions of composition in biography and film

Autumn semester 2016

11 October 2016

Stephen Graham (Goldsmiths, University of London)

From Microphone to The Wire: cultural change in independent music publishing of the 1970s and early-1980s

25 October 2016

Fabio Morabito (University of Durham)

Replacing Haydn: Luigi Cherubini’s “affair Esterházy”, 1810-1811

8 November 2016

Harriet Boyd-Bennett (University of Oxford)

Giallo Opera: Britten's The Turn of the Screw in Venice, 1954

22 November 2016

Peter Hill (University of Sheffield)

Messiaen’s birdsong piano works

6 December 2016

Ed Bennett (Birmingham Conservatoire)

On his music

Spring semester 2016

2 Feb 2016

Karlheinz Essl (University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna)

The Chances of Chance

16 Feb 2016

Elizabeth Kelly (The University of Nottingham)

Channelling the American Vernacular in the Concert Hall: Addicted to Wah

1 March 2016

Stephanie Pitts (University of Sheffield)

Dropping in and dropping out: investigating experiences of sustaining and ceasing amateur participation in classical music

15 March 2016

George Fenton (London) with

Mervyn Cooke (The University of Nottingham)

Composing for Film and TV

Autumn semester 2015

6 Oct 2015

Pauline Fairclough (University of Bristol)

From Enlightened to Sublime: Soviet Musical Life under Stalin

20 Oct 2015

Marek Korczynski (The University of Nottingham)

Songs of the Factory: Pop Music, Culture and Resistance

3 Nov 2015

Don Grieg (Orlando Consort)

Dreyer's La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc

17 Nov 2015

Tamsin Alexander (Goldsmith's College, University of London)

Russia on the world's stage: Tchaikovsky's Yevgeny Onegin as realist drame lyrique in France, 1895

1 Dec 2015

Xenia Pestova (The University of Nottingham) and Lauren Hayes (Arizona State University)

Fluxtrio: Collaborative Composition through Iteractive Improvisation

Spring semester 2015

3 Feb

Robert Adlington (The University of Nottingham)

Whose voices? The fate of Luigi Nono’s Voci destroying muros

24 Feb

Polly McMichael (The University of Nottingham)

Practices and genre in the production of Soviet rock music 

10 March

Clair Rowden (University of Cardiff)

Marguerite and Faust in Paris, 1869 

24 March

Judith Weir (Master of the Queen’s Music) conversation with David Beard (University of Cardiff) 

12 May

James Mansell (The University of Nottingham)

Visual Music: Recovering the Cinemas of Modern Enchantment

Autumn semester 2014

7 Oct

Nick Sackman (The University of Nottingham) 

Dendrochronology: The Science of Dating Violins from their Wood

21 Oct

Katy Hamilton
Working with Concert Programmes: Wizards at the Wigmore Hall, and Other Stories

4 Nov

Florian Scheding
Strategies of Migration: Between Nationalist Nostalgia and Internationalist Heterotopia

8 Nov

Stephen Walsh

Mussorgsky: Language into Music

2 Dec

Katia Chornik
Music and Political Detention in Pinochet's Chile: Tracing Hidden Connections through Ethnomusicological Research with Victims and Perpetrators of Human Rights Abuses

Spring semester 2014

11 Feb 

Eliot Bates (University of Birmingham) 

The Ethnography of Music Industries

18 Feb

Daniel Grimley (University of Oxford) 

The Gardens of Delius’s Double Concerto

25 Feb    

Sarah Hibberd (The University of Nottingham)

Rossini’s Siège: An Archaeology of the Senses 

18 March 

Joanna Bullivant (The University of Nottingham)

“I Accused Myself”: Alan Bush in 1948

25 March

Freya Jarman (University of Liverpool)

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth: The Camp Powers of Lip-Syncing

8 April 

Nicholas Baragwanath (The University of Nottingham)

Rediscovering the Practice of Solfeggio in 18th-Century Catholic Europe: Preliminary Findings on a New Approach to the Classical Style

13 May

Danijela Špirić-Beard (The University of Nottingham)

Beyond the “Trojan Horse” Tactic: Rethinking the Yugoslavisation of Popular Music in the 1970s

Autumn semester 2013

15 Oct

Graham Fitkin
Trying to Compose

29 Oct

Lonán Ó Briain (The University of Nottingham)
Musical Minorities: Creativity and Appropriation in Northern Vietnam

4 Nov

Royal Musical Association Study Day, 9.00am–5.00pm
Keynote speakers: Christopher Morris (University College Cork) and Suzanne Aspden (University of Oxford)

OPERA Indoors and Outdoors: Rethinking Opera Reception

12 Nov

Esperanza Rodriguez-Garcia (The University of Nottingham)

Spanish Arrogance and the Composer Sebastián Raval (d.1604): Nationalities, Historiography and Music

26 Nov

Benjamin Walton (University of Cambridge)

The Birth of Global Opera

10 Dec

Phyllis Weliver (St Louis University)

Triangulated Listening: Wagner, George Eliot and Gladstonian Liberalism

Spring semester 2013

5 Feb

Marina Frolova-Walker (University of Cambridge)

Stalin’s Music Laureates: Myths and Realities

19 Feb

Stephen Downes (University of Surrey)
Francis Poulenc and the Anti-Sublime

5 Mar

Derek Scott (University of Leeds)

“I changed my Olga for the Britney”: Occidentalism, Auto-Orientalism, and Global Fusion in Music

19 Mar

David Fallows (University of Manchester)

The English a cappella heresy: how it happened, how it was not resolved, and what needs doing 

23 Apr

Justin Williams (University of Bristol)

Crowdfunding Websites, Digital Patronage and Artist-Fan Interactivity



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