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Fullerenes, Nanotubes & Chemical Nanoscience  

Free fact sheets, models & other downloads
photo of kids with molecular models

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Giant fullerene model. Modular origami. Size can be adjusted by scaling the printed sheets in a photocopier.
Small fullerene model. Cut out three pieces and stick together with glue.
Small fullerene puzzle. Can you fold up the single pattern of 20 hexagons to make a fullerene?
Set of three thaumatropes. A great optical illusion and fun for all ages. #1: demonstrates putting fullerenes in nanotubes...
#2: demonstrates putting atoms in fullerenes...
#3: demonstrates entanglement of states...

Two alternative versions of #3 are available with different colours; with yellow & blue atoms or with white atoms you can colour in yourself.

Keyring leaflet with overview of nanocarbons & QIP information. Folds up from a single sheet.

Nanocarbon fact sheets

A set of 10 fact sheets is available. Please download each from the linked pictures below.
(The full set, as a zip file, is available at the bottom of the page)

Cover sheet with contents listing. 1/ Carbon - the element and its bonding
2 / sp2 carbon - geometry & structure 3 / Carbon nanotubes - properties
4 / Buckminster fullerene - C60 - size & crystal packing 5 / Electron microscopy - seeing inside nanotubes
6 / Fullerenes in nanotubes - energy and reactions 7 / Packing - molecules in nanotubes
8 / Endohedral fullerenes - caged atoms 9 / Endohedral fullerenes - quantum applications
10 / Qubits - electron spin & computing Full set of 11 sheets (large zip file - 161 MB)