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Fullerenes, Nanotubes & Chemical Nanoscience  

Professor Andrei Khlobystov

photo of Professor Andrei Khlobystov

Professor of Nanomaterials and Royal Society University Research Fellow

Andrei N. Khlobystov received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from Moscow State University, Russia in 1997 and the University of Nottingham, UK in 2002 respectively. He then joined the Department of Materials, Oxford University as a postdoctoral research assistant. He was awarded the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship in 2004 and the Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2005. In 2005 Andrei was a recipient of a European Young Investigator Award.

His current research focuses on chemistry of carbon nanotubes and fullerenes and development of applications for these materials. Directed assembly of functional networks from nanoscopic building blocks (nanotubes, nanoparticles, macromolecules) is at the centre of his experimental activities. His other research interests include molecular self-assembly and electron microscopy.

Dr. Graham Rance

photo of Dr. Graham Rance

Graham comes from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. He completed an MSci in Chemistry here at the University of Nottingham and his final year research project was spent within the Nanocarbon Group studying the solution behaviour of functionalised carbon nanotubes.

Graham's postgraduate research focused on developing an understanding the fundamental interactions that govern the self-assembly of metallic nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes into hybrid superstructures. His current doctoral research aims to explore the versatility of these fascinating nanostructures in catalytic devices.

Abdullah Kurtoglu

photo of Abdullah Kurtoglu

Abdullah comes from Bayburt, in Turkey. He completed a BSc in Materials Science and Engineering at the Sakarya University, Turkey. He worked as a research assistant at the Gebze Institute of Technology (GIT) studying novel carbon nanostructures supported electrocatalysis for fuel cell technology. He recently moved to Nottingham and joined the Nanocarbon Group to study for his PhD.

He is currently working on the development of techniques to use carbon nanotubes and nanofibers as metallic nanoparticles support materials for applications in fuel cells.

Rachel Gover

photo of Rachel Gover

Rachel comes from Congleton in Cheshire, and recently carried out her MSci Chemistry degree at the University of Nottingham. Her fourth year research project with the Astrophysical Chemistry group involved looking at the hydrogenation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon molecules. She is currently doing an interdisciplinary postgraduate research project under the supervision of Prof. Khlobystov and Prof. Peter Sarre, working on the formation and spectroscopy of carbon nanostructures in an astrophysical context.

Robert McSweeney

photo of Robert Mcsweeney

Rob comes from Hunton in Kent. He completed an MSci in chemistry with honours here in Nottingham where his final year project was based in polymer chemistry. However, he moved to our group to start his PhD and is currently looking at the redox properties of molecules encapsulated within carbon nanotubes.

Carlos Herreros Lucas

photo of Carlos Herreros Lucas

Carlos comes from Leon in Spain and started to work with us as an Erasmus student during his final year at Oviedo Universiy. He likes adventure and playing football with friends. Initially, he worked on the encapsulation of nanoparticles using different tubular hollow carbon nanostructures as nanocontainers and has since started his PhD studies with the nanocarbon group.

Rhys Lodge

photo of Rhys Lodge

Rhys comes from Long Bennington, near Grantham and completed his MSci chemistry degree including a year in industry here in Nottingham. His undergraduate research project with the nanocarbon group involved organic reactions in narrow carbon nanotubes, and this leads nicely into his continued postgraduate studies with us into metal-catalysed reactions confined within various carbon nanoreactors.

Kate Walker

photo of Kate

Kate comes from Hucknall in Nottingham. She completed an MSci in chemistry here in Nottingham where her final year project involved synthesis and characterisation of organometallic fluorescent dyes. Kate's postgraduate research aims to study photocatalysis within carbon nanotubes.

Craig Stoppiello

photo of Craig

Craig comes from Derbyshire and completed an MSci in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, with his third year spent as an exchange student at the University of Queensland, Australia. For his fourth year research project he investigated the reactivity of lanthanide organometallic complexes and moved to the Nanocarbon Group to study for his PhD. For his postgraduate research he is exploring the use of carbon nanotubes as templates for the formation of inorganic nanomaterials.

Mehtap Aygun

photo of Mehtap Aygun

Mehtap comes from Turkey where she graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department at Atatürk University. She completed a year research with the nanocarbon group as part of her MRes degree, and has now rejoined the group as a PhD student. She is currently working on the fabrication of novel catalysts based on metal nanoparticles supported in carbon nanotubes/nanoreactors and interested in how the size and shape of these catalysts effect chemical reactions.

Bradley Thomas

photo of Bradley

Bradley comes from Derbyshire and is currently working towards his PhD. Previously he completed two summer internships and a final year MSci research project with the Nanocarbon Group.

During his time in the group he has worked in a number of different areas; these include developing heterogenous catalysts, synthesising functionalised fullerenes, performing electrochemistry on nanocarbon systems, and the fabrication of carbon based devices. His PhD continues on these topics, working towards novel carbon based systems for catalytic and energy based applications.

Max Astle

photo of Max

Max, former president of the University's ChemSoc, is originally from Belper in Derbyshire and joined the group during the final year of his MSci degree here in Nottingham. His PhD studies are now focussed towards the synthesis of carbon nanotube-nanoparticle composite materials and their application to sensing and decontamination of environmental pollutants.

Kayleigh Fung

photo of Kayleigh

Kayleigh comes from Biggleswade in Bedfordshire and her family is from Hong Kong. She is currently reading an MSci degree in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry. During one summer, Kayleigh completed a project at Diamond Light Source on developing lithium-ion cells suitable for long-duration high resolution X-ray diffraction experiments. Kayleigh joined the nanocarbon group for her 4th year project studying perfluorination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for nanomaterial applications.

Nityananda Agasti

photo of Nityananda

Nityananda comes from New Delhi, India. He has joined this group as MRes under University of Delhi Scholarship. He is working under the supervision of Prof. Andrei Khlobystov and Prof. Jairton Dupont. His current research is on Carbon nanotubes supported Lanthanide nanomaterials and their catalytic and magnetic applications.

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