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Fullerenes, Nanotubes & Chemical Nanoscience  

Press Articles in Popular Science Magazines

"Functionalised C60 Peas in a Pod" Chemical & Engineering News, 26th Jan 2004 (vol. 82, N 4 p.12)
"Novel Applications Line Up Like Peas in a Pod" Chemistry World, Aug 2004, (vol. 1, p.9)
"Polymer Made in a Nano Test Tube" Chemical & Engineering News, 29th Nov 2004 (vol. 82, N 48, p.7)
"Smallest Test Tube Scoops World Record" in CHEMISTRY HIGHLIGHTS 2004 Chemical & Engineering News, 20th Dec 2004 (vol. 52, N 51, pp. 53-61)
"Polymerizing Peas in a Pod" Editor's Choice: Highlights of the Recent Literature, Science, 10th Dec 2004 (vol. 306, N 5703, p. 1863)
"Record Breaking Test Tubes" letter by A. Khlobystov and D. Britz, Chemistry World, Jul 2005 (vol. 2. N 7, p. 29)
"The World's Smallest Test Tube" cover page story in Chemistry Review, Sep 2005 (vol. 15, N 1, back cover)

"Wonder in Carbon Land: Build Your Own Bucky Balls" Chemistry Review, Nov 2009 (vol. 19, N 2 p.16)

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