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Hydrodynamics: means "water movement" and the NCMH (National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics) is a Facility for the characterisation of the sizes, shapes and interactions of large macro molecules of biomedical and industrial importance (proteins, polysaccharides, DNA, synthetic polymers etc.) and in the environment that many occur naturally water or aqueous solution.

The NCMH consists of:
The Harding Laboratory (Macromolecular Biochemistry)
The Scott Laboratory (Physical Biochemistry & Archae)
The Adams Laboratory (Protein-Polysaccharide Therapeutics)
The NCMH Business Centre (for external users of the NCMH Facility)

Recent research highlights:

The NCMH runs the following postgraduate courses
(1 year full time, 2-4 years part time):
MSc in Applied Biomolecular Technology (ABT) - specially designed for biological and chemical scientists wishing advanced training highly relevant to modern Biopharmaceutical, Food and Health Care industries. A placement forms part of this MSc.
MSc in Applied Biopharmaceutical Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship (ABBE) – sister course to ABT designed for biological and chemical scientists wishing for advanced training for the Biopharmaceutical industry, and with experience of the Economics and Business aspects. Also involves a project/placement.
MRes in Industrial Physical Biochemistry - designed for researchers already in Industry. The bulk of the work for this can be undertaken in an Industrial laboratory

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Stephen Harding: Professor of Applied Biochemistry & Biophysics, Director of the NCMH
Dr David J Scott: Associate Professor in Physical Biochemistry, co-Deputy Director
Dr Gary Adams: Associate Professor in Diabetes Health and Therapeutics, University Medical School, co-Deputy Director
Arthur Rowe: Special Professor of Biomolecular Technology
Dr. Judith Wayte: MSc Industrial Placement Officer
Dr. Jianhua Jia: MSc Tutor
Emily Fong: Research Support

PhD Students: Richard Gillis, Fahad Almutairi, Shahwar Imran Jiwani, Tayyibe Erten, Qushmua Alzahrani

Visiting Researchers
Professor Guillermo Diaz: Visiting Fellow, University of Murcia, Spain
Dr. Samil Kok: Visiting Fellow, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Bolu, Turkey
Melanie Nikolajski, PhD student, Institute für organische Chemie und makromolekulare Chemie, Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena, Federal Republic of Germany

MSc Students (2012-2013) in Applied Biopharmaceutical Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship (5)
Daniel Molina Romero, Sarah Iqbal, My Le, Cera Hon Yee Wong, Yu-Syuan (Anna) Wu

MSc Students (2012-2013) in Applied Biomolecular Technology (27)
Esther Adeqbuyi, Vandyk Adomako-Mensah, Fahad Almughem, Andrianu Andreou, YixuanCao, Nefeli Diamantidi, Janice D'Souza, Alaa Elnima, Aaron Farrugia, Simon Frydrych, Chia-Che Ho, Jing Huang, Nasreen M. Amen, Sowmya Narsipur, Asia Nasar, Pushpanie Peduru Arachchige, Tamara Raffan, Abhishek Sen, Jivantha Setukavala, Poonam Singh, Abdulfatai Tijjani, Amy Voong, Lois Walley, Siyue Wang, Chunanqi Ye, Mengying Zhang, Marco Ziprani

graduation classes combined photo, 2013

MSc ABT and MSc ABBE graduation classes combined photo, 2013

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Macromolecular Structure: 25th Anniversary Meeting of the NCMH -  held on 13th September 2012 and attended by over 120 people (anniversary plaque unveiled by Professor Sir Tom Blundell FRS)

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Green ball icon Methods in Biophysical Analysis (CUP) - best text we've seen that puts hydrodynamic techniques in the context of other biophysical tools
Green ball icon Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews (S.E. Harding, Editor)
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