BGER Instructions for authors



Please submit by email or on CD. Please note if emailing, graphics files can be rather large and if>5MB may not transmit. Indicate whether PC (preferred) or MAC.

Text Font: Times, double spaced

Title Page FULL Title (18pt) using Title case and bold,

followed by three carriage returns to:

NAME (12pt) in capitals (forenames or initials) without academic titles

followed by one carriage return to:

Institutional Address, (12pt) in Title case, italics

Corresponding author: indicated by *.

Abbreviations (10pt) These should be listed as one paragraph of text. Each abbreviation should be followed by a comma, a space, the meanings, a semi-colon, a space, and so on. The paragraph should end with a full-stop.

Text Font size: 11pt

All papers should have an Introduction, Acknowledgements (where applicable) and References. (These Acks and Refs should be at the end of the paper). Table and figure legends should be separate from the main text, either at the end of the paper or in a separate file. PLEASE NOTE FROM VOLUME 25 ONWARDS A SHORT ABSTRACT IS ALSO REQUESTED.

Three levels of headings should be followed

(all should be ranged left with a line space above):

Main: Title Case, Bold


Minor-heading: Title Case, italics

Generic and specific names are to be in italics. Footnotes should be avoided but endnotes can be accommodated at the end of the paper before the references.

References. At the end of the paper, to be listed alphabetically. Author’s Name (in Small Capitals) except for the initial letter, followed by comma, followed by one space then initials without spaces between (if there are two authors insert "AND" before next name, if more than two authors each name to be followed by a comma), followed by date in brackets then single space then the title of the article (regular font) and the title of the journal in full (in italics). Journal volume in bold, followed by the page numbers (in regular font).

Reference to articles in Edited books should follow this example:

Weiner, M.L. (1992). An overview of the regulatory status and of the safety of chitin and chitosan as food and pharmaceutical ingredients. In Advances in Chitin and Chitosan eds. C.J. Brine, P.A. Sanford and J.P. Zikakis, pp 670-672. London: Elsevier Applied Science.

References to books should follow this example:

Tanford, C. (1961). Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules. Chap. 5, New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Do not indent turnovers, these will be set up by typesetter when run out to page.

Tables Each table should be keyed into text but typed at the end of the paper (or in a separate file). They should be designed to fit across the width of the page (115mm). The table title (legend) will have the Table number in bold followed by double space then first word of title.

ARTWORK For the final version artwork should be supplied at 300dpi resolution.


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