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Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Reviews

(ISSN : 0264-8725)

Editor:  Professor Stephen Harding, University of Nottingham
Co-editor: Gary Adams, University of Nottingham

Contents of Volume 21 (2004)


Power ultrasound – A means to promote and control crystallization in biotechnology.  Linda J McCausland and Peter W Cains

11-80. Discovery and applications of small molecule probes for studying biological processes.  Justin S Potuzak, Sirkka B Moilanen and Derek S Tan
81-122. Vaginal microbicides for the prevention of HIV transmission.  Karl Malcolm, David Woolfson, Clare Toner and Deborah Lowry

Cell adhesion molecules in plants and animals.  Graham B Seymour, Gregory Tucker and Lopa Leach

133-146. Bone marrow stromal stem cells for repairing the skeleton.  Songtao Shi and Cun-Yu Wang
147-182. Polymeric delivery systems for biopharmaceuticals.  Rassoul Dinarv, Shadi H Moghadam, Farid Dorkoosh and Mehrdad Hamidi

Biotechnological aspects of transport across human skin.  Jonathan Hadgraft and Richard Guy

197-214. Inhibitors of amyloid aggregation:  Technologies for the discovery of novel lead compounds.  Andrew J Doig, Kelvin Stott and Mark Treherne

Starch retrogradation.  Marie-Astrid Ottenhof and Imad A Farhat


Re-designing lignin for industry and agriculture.  Claire Halpin


Beyond Bayh-Dole and the Lambert review:  An initial product development and transaction model for the interface between universities and business.  Michael Fernandes and David Miska


The liabilities from regulating gene flow in plant-made pharmaceuticals.  Stuart Smyth, Gworge G Khachatourians and Peter W B Phillips


Safety testing and regulation of genetically engineered foods.  William Freese and David Schubert


Design safe and biologically contained transgenic plants:  Tools and technologies for controlled transgene flow and expression.  Yuri Gleba, Sylvestre Marillonnet and Victor Klimyuk

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