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“Ingimund’s Saga

Foreword by Magnus Magnusson K.B.E.

1100 years ago a group of Viking settlers from Norway arrived somewhere between West Kirby and Meols on the shores of north Wirral, having been driven out of Ireland. This initiated a mass migration of their fellow countrymen into the area and soon they had established a community with a clearly defined border, its own leader, its own language, a trading port, and at its centre a place of assembly or government - the Thing at Thingwall. This community was answerable to nobody else: the English, the Welsh, the Dublin Norse, the Isle of Man, Iceland, and not even Norway.  The Wirral Norse settlement therefore satisfied all the criteria of an independent, self-governing Viking State - albeit a mini one!
This book, written by Wirral-exile and scientist Steve Harding, is about these people, why they left Norway, where they settled, their religion, their pastimes - such as horse-racing at Irby and rock-climbing at Wallasey - and the legends that have been attributed to them - including the awesome Thór's Stone at "Thorsteinn's farmstead".  Wirral was also probably witness to one of the greatest battles in the history of the British Isles - Brunanburh.

Published by Countyvise Ltd., 14 Appin Road, Birkenhead, CH41 9HH, U.K.
Size A5 paperback, 226 pages, fully illustrated/ colour., ISBN 1 871201 09 8.

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