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Learning Objects now available for download

Selected Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) have been made available for download from the SONET site as IMS content packages* which can be imported into Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems, or simply unzipped to get the RLO files. Although we prefer our RLOs to be used from this site via web link, to help us gather access data for research, sometimes Web access is restricted or just unavailable (for example, students in practice on wards), or the RLOs need to be run offline or in a closed system (such as a VLE), so the download option allows you to run RLOs from local disk drives or devices.

Around 40% of our RLOs have been packaged with more to follow as and when we get time to do so - packaging can take a half hour or more per RLO because of the metadata that needs to be added, and at the time of writing 139 RLOs have been published.

Because our RLOs take considerable time to develop, a quid pro quo for downloaders is the requirement to fill in a short questionnaire beforehand, as this provides us with useful research data. 

RLO download page

* An IMS content package is essentially a zip file with metadata 'wrapping' in the form of a 'manifest' (Wikipedia definition)

The article was viewable from Thursday, 3rd March 2011.

Author: Fred Riley