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RLO feedback data on SONET

All of the Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) available on the SONET site have feedback forms at the end which users are encouraged to fill in, to give us research data and help us improve the quality of RLOs. Cumulative quantitative data from these forms is now publicly available on the 'record details' page of each RLO  - go to any RLO list, such as the main list, and click on the info icon to the right of the RLO title to view metadata, including a link to the user feedback data.

Although the forms also gather qualitative free-text data, this has been omitted from the public view for reasons of data protection. When filling out feedback forms users can optionally leave their name and emails behind to be contacted for research purposes, and even on anonymous forms comments occasionally include identifying information, so it would be unethical to make such qualitative data public without the explicit consent of users. However, we hope that you'll find the quantitative data interesting and perhaps helpful in assessing RLOs. 

The article was viewable from Friday, 4th March 2011.

Author: Fred Riley