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Mitosis and Meiosis: 'interactive demonstrations'

 Two 'interactive demonstrations' on Mitosis and Meiosis are now released as standalone resources on the SONET site. You can view the whole process in one continuous animation, or view the invidual stages one by one. Although these are bundled with the RLO Cell Division in which they appear as popups, they can as well stand on their own as learning objects illustrating these two crucial aspects of cell division and deserve to be fully exposed to the Whole Wide World.

Mitosis: an interactive demonstration

Meoisis: an interactive demonstration

Content and development was by Dr Viv Rolfe, once a Biology Lecturer in this School, now a Faculty E-Learning Coordinator at De Montfort University and a mean saxophone player. (LinkedIn profile | e-learning website)

The article was viewable from Wednesday, 9th November 2011.

Author: Fred Riley