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2008 Nursing and Midwifery Council Mentor Domains

In today’s healthcare climate we appreciate that being a mentor maybe one of many tasks you are balancing. It can be difficult to give sufficient time to any or each of them and achieve the quality you would want.

All mentors should be able to achieve the 2008 NMC Mentor Domains and Outcomes. Listed below are the outcomes for all mentors to achieve as part of their mentorship practice. Read these and give consideration on how you achieve these in your practice as a mentor.

Task Two

Domain & Outcomes for Mentors NMC 2008) Stage 2 of the Standard to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice.

Domain & Outcomes for Mentors NMC 2008) Stage 2 of the Standard to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice.
Domain & Outcomes for Mentors NMC 2008) Stage 2 of the Standard to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice. Achieved?
Domain 1: - Establish effective working relationships
Demonstrate effective relationship building skills sufficient to support learning, as part of a wider interprofessional team, for a range of students in both practice and academic learning environments;
1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of factors that influence how students integrate into practice settings
1.2 Provide ongoing and constructive support to facilitate transition from one learning environment to another
1.3 Have effective professional and interprofessional working relationships to support learning for entry to the register
Domain 2: Facilitation of Learning
Facilitate learning for a range of students, within a particular area of practice where appropriate, encouraging self-management of learning opportunities and providing support to maximise individual potential
2.1 Use knowledge of the student’s stage of learning to select appropriate learning opportunities to meet their individual needs
2.2 Facilitate selection of appropriate learning strategies to integrate learning from practice and academic experiences
2.3 Support students in critically reflecting upon their learning experiences in order to enhance future learning
Domain 3: Assessment and accountability
Assess learning in order to make judgements related to the NMC standards of proficiency for entry to the register or for recording a qualification at a level above initial registration
3.1 Foster professional growth, personal development and accountability through support of students in practice
3.2 Demonstrate a breadth of understanding of assessment strategies and the ability to contribute to the total assessment process as part of the teaching team
3.3 Provide constructive feedback to students and assist them in identifying future learning needs and actions. Manage failing students so they may enhance their performance and capabilities for safe and effective practice or be able to understand their failure and the implications of this for their future
3.4 Be accountable for confirming that students have met or not met, the NMC competencies in practice. And as a sign-off mentor confirm that students have met or not met the NMC standards of proficiency in practice and are capable of safe and effective practice
Domain 4: Evaluation of learning
Determine strategies for evaluating learning in practice and academic settings to ensure that the NMC standards of proficiency for registration or recording a qualification at a level above initial registration have been met
4.1 Contribute to evaluation of student learning and assessment experiences - proposing aspects for change resulting from such evaluation
4.2 Participate in self and peer evaluation to facilitate personal development, and contribute to the development of others
Domain 5: Create an environment for learning
Create an environment for learning, where practice is valued and developed, that provides appropriate professional and interprofessional learning opportunities and support for learning to maximise achievement for individuals
5.1 Support students to identify both learning needs and experiences that are appropriate to their level of learning
5.2 Use a range of learning experiences, involving patients, clients, carers and the professional team, to meet defined learning needs
5.3 Identify aspects of the learning environment, which could be enhanced negotiating with others to make appropriate changes
5.4 Act as a resource to facilitate personal and professional developments of others
Domain 6: Context of practice
Support learning within a context of practice that reflects health care and educational policies, managing change to ensure that particular professional needs are met within a learning environment that also supports practice development
6.1 Contribute to the development of an environment in which effective practice is fostered, implemented, evaluated and disseminated
6.2 Set and maintain professional boundaries that are sufficiently flexible for providing Interprofessional care
6.3 Initiate and respond to practice developments to ensure safe and effective care is achieved and an effective learning environment is maintained
Domain 7: Evidence-based practice
Apply evidence based practice to their own work and contribute to the further development of such a knowledge and practice evidence base
7.1 Identify and apply research and evidence based practice to their area of practice
7.2 Contribute to strategies to increase or review the evidence base used to support practice
7.3 Support students in applying an evidence base to their own practice
Domain 8: Leadership
Demonstrate leadership skills for education within practice and academic settings.
8.1 Plan a series of learning experiences that will meet students defined learning needs
8.2 Be an advocate for students to support them accessing learning opportunities that meet their individuals needs, involving a range of other professionals, patients, clients and carers
8.3 Prioritise work to accommodate support of students within their practice roles
8.4 Provide feedback about the effectiveness of learning and assessment in practice

There is NO requirement for existing mentors to repeat any mentor preparation, as long as they can achieve these outcomes and their name is on the local mentor register. You will need to continue to update on an annual basis (with one update through a ‘face to face’ method every 3 years).

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