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Welcome to the U of R Pathology Internet Resource Page

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With permission of Dr. Leon Metlay

This page offers a collection of links to web sites which might be of interest to pathologists, including sites referring to a number of biomedical fields. Descriptive information about the University of Rochester Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is available on the departmental WWW page at the US site.

Please email if you find an outdated link. I also welcome your comments..
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In order to make this page most useful to Internet neophytes, a few good tutorials and general references are provided, and this page is arranged to allow access to many net services from a web browser. There is some redundancy of information, because good sites are often busy. No effort is made to segregate documents according to whether they are available by FTP, Gopher, Telnet, or WWW. With most web browser programs, the differences are irrelevant. Although you may need a separate program to access Telnet, you can set the preferences of your browser to have the second program start automatically. Email lists and Usenet newsgroups are listed at the end of each section. For newsgroups, a separate newsreader is usually better than using a browser. If you have a browser such as Netscape that can do a "key-word" search, you can search all the links by opening the whole list at once.


Of course, I do not imply any utility to any of the places to which this page points. The choice of links is entirely based on the whims and biases of a single person, yours truly,Leon A. Metlay, M.D., and do not represent the views of the University of Rochester, or the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. If there are links you think this page should have, or if you don't like my comments about your favorite page, please tell me so by email and I will take your comments into consideration. Also, I have visited all of these sites, but the Web is constantly changing. If you find that an address is changed, or that a site is no longer available, please let me know. (Though please be aware, at least here in Rochester you might get a "Cannot Locate Host" message any time the system gets too busy.)

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