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Stain for Helicobacter pylori

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3-4 um paraffin


1. Sections to water.

2. Filter on carbol fuchsin solution for 1 minute.

3. Wash well in water.

4. Stain with 1% malachite green for up to 45 seconds.

5. Wash well in water.

6. Repeat step 4 until sections appear blue/green.

7. Wash, blot dry, and dry in air.

8. Mount sections in DPX


--Helicobacter red/magenta

--Background blue/green


Malachite Green

--Malachite green 0.8g

--Distilled water 10mml

Stock carbol fuchsin solution

--Basic Fuchsin 1g

--Absolure alcohol 10ml

--5% aqueous phenol 10ml

--Filter before use

Buffer solution (Phosphate buffer pH7.5 0.1M)

--0.1M Sodium di-hydrogen orthophosphate 3.5 mls

--0.1M Di-sodium hydrogen orthophosphate 15.5 mls

Working solution (Filter onto sections for use)

--Phosphate Buffer 10ml

--Stock Carbol fuchsin Solution 4 mls

SAFETY Carbol fuchsin contains phenol.

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