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CONTENTS Volume 2 Number 2 July 1997


45 A semi-automated macrophotography system for a histopathology laboratory
R. Ellis
49 Harry Cooke: an appreciation
J. Bancroft, R. Sallis
51 Editorial UK NEQAS Immunocytochemistry News
53 Antigen retrival on paraffin-embedded tissue fixed with various fixatives
N.A. Byron
67 Comparison of four endothelial markers for assessing angiogenesis in carcinoma of the breast
A.H.S. Lee, L.C. Happerfield, L.C. Bobrow
75 How to perform a heat mediated or enzymatic antigen retrieval procedure with tissue sections mounted on slides when no adhesives are available. Another application of the 'peel and stick' method
A. Balaton and V. Bontems

77 Industrial Histology Discussion Group

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