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Adapting teaching to student diversity.

Many British universities have experienced sharp increases in the numbers of international students. Research suggests that… (380 word resource by Mikael Jamin et al.; January 2005).


Addressing student learning diversity with strategies to improve the learning experience.

This study addresses diversity in learning styles of students with strategies to improve the learning experience and module… (413 word resource by Beat Reber; September 2005).


Amending assessment for a dyslexic student.

Last year it was brought to my attention that second year student taking a five credit (37.5 hours of study time) Semester 4 dissertation… (820 word resource by Colin Black; January 2002).


Approaches to studying for learning at university.

I thought, well, in a minute, you know, we've done all this sort of paper planning and people and equipment… (4 min 10s video by Stephanie Bridges et al.; November 2009).


Beginning a session with an exercise.

"OK. Could you, first of all, look inside your pack and find the vocabulary list. Now as future language teachers you're all… (1 min 37s video by Do Coyle; July 2004).


Benefits of podcasting for dyslexic students.

I did a module in my final year and all of the lectures were actually up on the Internet, they were recorded, there was a microphone… (2 min 43s video by Alex Sallis et al.; June 2007).


Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.

When I go used to go and see my tutor about my project I used to tape what he said and I explained to him that I am a visual person… (4 min 10s video by Michael Shaw et al.; June 2007).


Demonstrations and visual aids in lectures.

I use props a lot in lectures, probably the least today actually, but it's very important to have something that isn't just… (1 min 39s video by Liz Sockett; July 2004).


Do assessment methods matter? A sensitivity test.

In Higher Education, all lecturers, no matter what they teach, need to choose among different assessment methods all the times… (422 word resource by Xiaowen Tian; September 2005).


Do particular students benefit from different teaching methods?

While there is a large literature on alternative teaching practices, there is little quantitative research which examines whether… (487 word resource by Trudy Owens; January 2006).


Resources 1 - 10 of 21     Results pages: 2  3    Next

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