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Assessing difficult things: fieldwork in archaeology.

Fieldwork is recognised as an essential part of undergraduate degrees in the Department of Archaeology at Nottingham, promoting a… (487 word resource by Amy Bogaard, School of Humanities: January 2005).


Assessing through student-led seminars.

The School of History at Nottingham uses student-led assessed seminars (SLAS) in evaluating learning. It is a practice with… (440 word resource by Claire Taylor, School of Humanities: September 2004).


Assessing transferable skills in student-led seminars: a case study.

In a general context of redefinition of the role of universities, the University of Nottingham has operated a shift since the… (501 word resource by Mikael Jamin, School of Modern Languages & Cultures: September 2005).


Assessing a portfolio of creative writing

Assessing a portfolio of creative writing: I joined the Department in 2000 and as part of my teaching, began a module on Modern Poetry.… (1132 word resource by Peter Howarth, School of English Studies: June 2005).


Feedback on exams: written sheets in History.

One of the aspects about feedback which is being discussed quite widely at the moment is making the most of all the opportunities…

2 min 28s video by Nick Thomas, School of History (June 2007)


Identifying a dissertation topic for a student with dyslexia.

Presenting situation: A dyslexic archaeology student. She came to me as her tutor for advice on a dissertation topic. She wished… (1040 word resource by Hamish Forbes, School of Humanities: June 2002).


Identifying and supervising a dissertation topic for a dyslexic student with medical difficulties.

Presenting situation: K was a mature student with dyslexia and a medical history of depression. During her final year, the… (847 word resource by Hamish Forbes, School of Humanities: June 2002).


A level playing field? Marking practice and quality assurance.

The application of common and consistent marking practices is of concern to all involved in the assessment process and this … (456 word resource by Nick Thomas, School of History: September 2007).

Faculty of Engineering

Assessing practical work.

I take your point about a group project being individually marked and who didn't really pull their weight and who didn't comprehend…

5 min 10s video by Kathy Simmons et al. (January 2004)


Clarifying assessment criteria and setting expectations.

I think in Nigeria the years of your performance are equally weighted, every year so, for example, if you are doing a …

5 min 3s video by Azi Etire et al. (November 2009)


Feasibility study of implementing e-assessment: lessons to be learned.

The project evaluates the suitability of existing e-teaching environments to fulfil students’ learning needs, … (482 word resource by Katy Voisey et al.: September 2006).


Identifying effective and efficient feedback methods for students' needs.

Feedback has been a significant area for improvement in Higher Education (HE) over the last few years. The National Student … (493 word resource by Richard Tew et al.: January 2010).

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Are specific types of exam question formats biased towards one gender?: an examination of Medical School records.

There is some considerable debate, but little empirical research, about gender differences in school performance. Gender … (472 word resource by Shona Kelly, School of Community Health Sciences: September 2006).


Changing the assessment culture: from paper to online submission and management of assignments OSMA.

Background: Within the School of Nursing students have traditionally submitted final assignments via paper copies. Due to the … (501 word resource by Chris Palmer, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2008).


The development of a questionnaire to evaluate a DVD examination for pre-registration student nurses.

Background: QAA emphasise the responsibility that higher education institutions have to design, approve, supervise and review … (519 word resource by Aimee Aubeeluck, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2008).


Developing an appropriate assessment to measure module learning outcomes.

Using an authentic assessment has implications on the learning outcomes of a module and will have an impact on student … (488 word resource by Eleanor Douglas, School of Community Health Sciences: September 2006).


Evidence of a disparity between staff and students perception of feedback.

Effective feedback is an important factor influencing student achievement that can have beneficial effects on learning and … (475 word resource by Deborah Merrick et al.: September 2010).


Giving constructive feedback and setting clear targets.

Pam: Right at the beginning we sit down, we work through what they - the goals they want to achieve and how they're going to…

3 min 42s video by Pam Winn et al. (January 2010)


Giving feedback on practical sessions via a podcast.

Sarah Westwater-Wood: In the Therapeutics Studies module I teach three groups the same thing every week and they're two hour long …

4 min 48s video by Sarah Westwater-Wood et al. (June 2009)


Not everything in moderation! Examining academics' perceptions of the role of the moderation process in the assessment of learning.

Moderation of assessments is a process of quality assurance undertaken by most educational institutions. It should address issues … (463 word resource by John McLuskey, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2008).


Portfolio compilation: evidencing learning and professional development.

Alison: I think portfolios are getting increasingly important. They seem to underpin a lot of professional education as a …

4 min 7s video by Alison Clark et al. (January 2010)


Stakeholders' attidtudes towards consumer involvement in student assessment.

The necessity for consumer involvement in higher education is wide spread amongst various disciplines due to the current drive … (559 word resource by Gemma Stacey, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: September 2008).


Trigger exams: assessing decision making.

And we have innovative assessments, such as the DVD trigger examination, which I introduced with colleagues a year ago, and …

1 min 17s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


The use of online formative assessments and their influence on summative assessments.

Assessments have a dual role of enhancing the learning process and assessing whether learning has occurred. Formative assessments … (560 word resource by Pavan Mallikarjun, School of Community Health Sciences: January 2008).

Faculty of Science

Amending assessment for a dyslexic student.

Last year it was brought to my attention that second year student taking a five credit (37.5 hours of study time) Semester 4 dissertation… (820 word resource by Colin Black, School of Biosciences: January 2002).


Assessment: in class multiple-choice.

If they are making any errors of description then we can talk them through "that's not really the gizzard that's the ovary…

2 min 36s video by Julian Wiseman et al. (January 2007)


Feedback to students: is it as bleak as the National Student Survey suggests?

The 2005 and 2006 National Student Survey (NSS) highlighted significant differences in category scores across departments within … (446 word resource by Helen Boardman et al.: September 2007).


Providing feedback to students: a comparison of staff and student perspectives.

Background The National Student Survey (NSS) has been carried out annually since 2005. The main aims of the survey are to … (451 word resource by Neil Oldham et al.: September 2008).


Using authentic assessment to achieve learning outcomes.

It is well known that methods of assessment impact on student learning. The programme specifications for PGCHE set out how its… (403 word resource by Owen Lyne, School of Mathematical Sciences: September 2004).

Faculty of Social Sciences

Changing summative assessment as a means to foster deep learning: a case study from the Business School.

There is evidence in the academic literature that different types of assessment tend to determine students’ approaches to … (465 word resource by Suzana Grubnic, Nottingham University Business School: September 2006).


Do assessment methods matter? A sensitivity test.

In Higher Education, all lecturers, no matter what they teach, need to choose among different assessment methods all the times… (422 word resource by Xiaowen Tian, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies: September 2005).


Does the University of Nottingham give appropriate feedback to undergraduate students with different learning profiles?

Feedback forms an important part of the learning process but unfortunately, in recent years the University of Nottingham has … (432 word resource by Fabrice Defever et al.: September 2010).


Feedback on exams: 1 to 1 tutorials in Geography.

Normally we give them their numeric marks as soon as we can after the exams. There's a prepared sheet for each module…

1 min 26s video by Robert Dugdale, School of Geography (June 2007)


"I could not have put it better - so I won't": plagiarism in Law and Economics.

Driven by the growth of the Internet, plagiarism has become more topical for both students and universities. As an extreme case… (421 word resource by Udo Kreickemeier et al.: September 2004).


Student attitudes to plagiarism in the School of Law, University of Nottingham.

In recent years, the School of Law has faced increasing and ingenious plagiarism from students. This ranges from the … (508 word resource by Sope Williams, School of Law: September 2007).


Student perceptions of alternative assessment methods: the class participation scheme.

Diversification of assessment methods entails the possibility of employing not only the traditional essays and examinations, but… (401 word resource by Olympia Bekou, School of Law: September 2005).


Using formative assessment and role-playing as means of enhancing learning.

Formative assessment during the course of a module may help learners understand the subject better and perform better in the… (481 word resource by Alex Possajennikov, School of Economics: September 2005).

Guests of the University

Brenda Smith on assessment and feedback.

Brenda Smith: In terms of the aims for the session, I really have three, and that's to emphasise assessment for learning rather …

9 min 19s video by Brenda Smith, External Consultant (May 2009)


Chris Rust on assessment and feedback.

Chris Rust: You don't need to go to the literature and spend much time to find how important assessment is considered regarding …

10 min 34s video by Chris Rust, External Consultant (April 2009)


Jude Carroll on plagiarism.

And what's interesting about the question "Are any of these people plagiarists?" is actually that question is…

9 min 7s video by Jude Carroll, External Consultant (January 2006)

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