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Faculty of Arts

Altering lectures in response to student input.

Does the student voting actually affect what you deliver in the lecture? Andrew: Yes, yep, it does. I know where I …

3 min 19s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (February 2008)


Should I make handouts available in advance? - opinions from around the University.

"I don't really have time, but now I am producing bullet points which either go out in the lecture or by email after… (396 word resource by Hamish Forbes et al.: July 2004).


Using student response systems to improve interaction in lectures.

Before, I was doing showing of hands in my modules, which is OK, but people are reticent sometimes to be seen, especially if…

3 min 42s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (February 2008)

Faculty of Engineering

The acoustics of teaching facilities: a case study of the University of Nottingham.

The acoustical design of lecture theatres, seminar rooms and classrooms is of paramount importance in meeting the required speech… (421 word resource by Peter Rutherford, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment: September 2004).


Demonstrating principles using activities in lectures.

The last thing I wanted to ask you about was the demonstrations and bringing that into a classroom. What are the pros and…

5 min 22s video by Ed Lester, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering (January 2007)


Idiomatic language in teaching.

I remember one particular incident, I do some lectures on composite materials, and there …

1 min 36s video by Mike Clifford et al. (September 2009)


Linking research and teaching.

Normally we are lecturing in courses where we do research, on the whole we do. In engineering particularly we have a real …

5 min 15s video by Ed Lester et al. (February 2007)


Questions and activities in lectures.

Can I ask you about asking the students questions in lectures, why do you do it and what do you think are the benefits?…

4 min 5s video by Ed Lester, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering (February 2007)

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

How do you keep your audience's attention?

I think this is a really important point. You said "how do you keep the audience's attention for 50 minutes?", I think…

6 min 36s video by Mary Chapple et al. (January 2004)


Interactive keypads in lectures in the Medical School

The reduction in cost of interactive kits to around 100 handsets for £5,000 has meant that this technology is an affordable… (238 word resource by Reg Dennick, Medical Education Unit: June 2005).


Managing noise during the lecture.

I think there are possibly a number of strategies for dealing with it and to some extent it depends on how well you know the group and…

5 min 58s video by Mary Chapple et al. (January 2004)

Faculty of Science

Asking questions of students in lectures.

Your average class, I would probably break it about 4 times with a straightforward question. In many of the subjects I teach it …

2 min 28s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Classroom management and mobile phones.

I think it takes a while to build up an armory of methods for dealing with these situations. How do you deal with a mobile phone…

1 min 24s video by Martin Luck, School of Biosciences (January 2007)


Demonstrations and visual aids in lectures.

I use props a lot in lectures, probably the least today actually, but it's very important to have something that isn't just …

1 min 39s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Gaining class attention in a lecture theatre.

Low level noise as students talk in the lecture theatre. The best thing I ever learned on a teaching course was not to stand up…

1 min 5s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Handouts for learning in lectures.

In the lecture, you were using a number of different audio-visual and other teaching resources. What do you use and why do …

3 min 41s video by Martin Luck et al. (January 2007)


Providing annotated slides as handouts after lectures.

One lecturer would have the notes on pdf, and he’d have them on his computer, and as the lecture went on, he'd project…

6 min 24s video by Joe Cornfield et al. (June 2007)


Real life examples give context to learning in the lecture.

A lot of the diseases earlier in the course, bacterial diseases, we would stop and talk, for a couple of minutes, about. For…

2 min 35s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Structure, pace and activities in lectures.

I just want to do a quick reminder of what we talked about this morning and how things actually get sorted and the basic…

6 min 54s video by Martin Luck et al. (February 2007)

Faculty of Social Sciences

How can you accommodate diversity in a large group?

It's a question of trying to find a balance between scaring the ones who've never done it before and not boring the ones who've got some experience with it…

5 min 39s video by Wyn Morgan et al. (January 2004)


If lecturing is a performance, how do you prepare?

A lot of people tend to think that you prepare a lecture by looking at the content and looking at the actual slides etc. When…

3 min 32s video by Christopher Barnatt et al. (January 2004)


The importance of visual aids.

Throughout the visuals have got to be, well any of the aids you would use have got to be relevant. But now, with being able…

2 min 10s video by Do Coyle, School of Education (July 2004)


Involving students in large groups: ideas for using interactive handsets.

With second year students there's an element of confidence as well about whether they feel very happy discussing research…

2 min 41s video by Richard Field et al. (June 2007)


Managing small groups in large groups.

There is the sound of conversations in the room as students work in small groups. "I was giving a session with over 300 students…

2 min 16s video by Do Coyle, School of Education (July 2004)


Monitoring small groups in large groups.

There is the sound of many conversations in the room as students work in small groups. There may well be instances where you…

1 min 31s video by Do Coyle, School of Education (July 2004)


Strategies to address a reluctance to ask questions in lectures.

People are often too shy to raise issues, but one of the things that I tend to do periodically through the lectures …

5 min 55s video by Martin Binks et al. (November 2009)

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