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Assessing a portfolio of creative writing

Assessing a portfolio of creative writing: I joined the Department in 2000 and as part of my teaching, began a module on Modern Poetry.… (1132 word resource by Peter Howarth, School of English Studies: June 2005).


Creativity and criticism: spotting a gap and motivations to change.

I joined the Department in 2000 and as part of my teaching, began a module on Modern Poetry. I realised that the students had to… (2012 word resource by Peter Howarth, School of English Studies: June 2005).


Critical thinking in undergraduate learning and teaching.

Critical Thinking (CT) involves questioning the basic assumptions that underlie inquiry. Development of one's capacity for… (394 word resource by Claire Taylor et al.: September 2004).


The teaching of professional ethics in Nottingham: the status quo and where to go.

Ethical behaviour is becoming increasingly important in a world of globalisation and this is reflected in the emphasis placed … (393 word resource by Andrew Fisher et al.: September 2007).

Faculty of Engineering

An assessment of course content: Is what we taught last year what we should teach this year?

Is the material presented in mature subjects reviewed sufficiently often? How much weight should be given to each of the various… (462 word resource by Martin Gillie, Department of Civil Engineering: January 2005).


Developing a new MRes module.

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has recognised in recent years that its students of electromagnetics have… (476 word resource by Ana Vukovic, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering: September 2005).


Developing a multi-disciplinary module in Fire and Risk.

This project developed a module that addressed the topics of fire development, structural fire-safety and risk from a… (207 word resource by Martin Gillie et al.: January 2004).


An inverse method of teaching specialised subjects: decomposing a representative example to sustain analysis and interaction of details.

The project discusses an example of teaching specialist manufacturing processes by identifying a ‘representative … (526 word resource by Dragos Axinte, Department of Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering: January 2007).


National subject specifications and the international context.

We've always taught sort of UK spec on everything from health and safety through to patent …

3 min 33s video by Mike Clifford et al. (September 2009)


Supporting student-centred learning in architectural graphics as part of first year design studio.

It was established from the PGCHE Group Project, that first year architectural design students from the 2001/2002 cohort … (311 word resource by Laura Hanks, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment: January 2004).


The "Tour de Pasenville": an induction exercise

Well this year we had something like 220 first year students working in about ten teams with a mixture of students from each of… (839 word resource by Tim Heath, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment: June 2005).


Underachievement in the University - strategies for early identification and correction.

Despite specific entry requirements, several students show underachievement at early stages and often do not demonstrate strong… (575 word resource by Raymond Quek, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment: September 2005).

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Bringing research into the classroom.

In terms of health communication, I've worked over a number of years now to ensure that new evidence about how to communicate with…

2 min 14s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


Can you teach an old dog new tricks?: Engaging health professionals in health economics teaching.

Most health economics research is undertaken by health economists, who hope the evidence will be used by health professionals… (265 word resource by Tracey Sach, School of Community Health Sciences: January 2004).


Developing an integrated curriculum: Incorporating the Genetics White Paper into Nurse Education.

Where higher education institutions are providing courses that culminate in professional qualification, Government policies need… (465 word resource by Sue Johnson, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: January 2005).


Effects of introducing peer-coaching on student performance.

Peer coaching is a strategy that can be used to assist the acquisition of new content and skills. Within the ethos of peer … (472 word resource by Catherine Moore, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: September 2006).


Service user participation in curriculum development and teaching.

During the last decade, UK government policy documents have called for the involvement of service users in nurse education … (410 word resource by Theo Stickley, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: September 2006).


Student perceptions of lecturing by practitioners.

Degree programmes which lead to professional qualifications often invite current practitioners to deliver specific course content … (467 word resource by Alan Williams et al.: September 2007).


Teaching delivery methods - assessing a novel approach to a traditional curriculum.

The Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science is the first new veterinary school for over 50 years. The curriculum is … (275 word resource by Neil Foster et al.: September 2007).

Faculty of Science

Did curiosity do anything more than kill the cat? The place of curosity in Higher Education.

The University of Nottingham's, Learning and Teaching Strategy for 2002-2005 states that the University is committed to… (391 word resource by Frazer Pearce et al.: September 2004).


Factors affecting quality of teaching and choice of teaching methods by external lecturers.

In 2006 the University of Nottingham will be subject to Major Review, the method used to quality assure all NHS funded higher … (457 word resource by Kirsten Whitehead, School of Biosciences: January 2006).


Optimising small group teaching in Psychology

Background & Significance Small group teaching (tutorials) forms an essential part of the psychology course and is valued … (537 word resource by Antonia Hamilton, School of Psychology: September 2010).

Faculty of Social Sciences

The application of management simulation and gaming in classroom teaching.

Several studies have shown that business game usage in higher education has grown continuously. Little is known, however, about … (463 word resource by Kim Tan et al.: January 2006).


Course planning: managing modules across campuses.

If you are a Nottingham academic in the UK and the school which has got the participation of overseas campus is …

3 min 54s video by Christopher Barnatt et al. (November 2009)


Developing interdisciplinary postgraduate training in a specialised research environment.

Interdisciplinary studies represent a major challenge for research and delivery of higher education. In the postgraduate context, … (453 word resource by Sujatha Raman, Institute for Science & Society: September 2006).


Giving a broader perspective using culturally varied examples.

When we come to content, clearly, you could talk to a physicist who's going to say, well, you know, the laws of …

4 min 28s video by Chris Ennew et al. (November 2009)


An international curriculum.

Chris Barnatt: I'm always keen to try and find examples which come from as many different places as possible. I teach a lot …

3 min 5s video by Christopher Barnatt et al. (February 2011)


Planning module content: mind-mapping, podcasting and WebCT.

I actually planned it out, and I wanted to deliver it via what we call mind maps. Our first years have a series of lectures…

2 min 28s video by Richard Field, School of Geography (June 2007)


Providing a cultural context to the discipline.

Well, I suppose, the issue for me in business is that, if you look at the origins of business education, it's …

5 min 33s video by Chris Ennew et al. (November 2009)


Sharing resources on modules taught across campuses.

Initially we were coming at things from a very different perspective because the people teaching the module on …

3 min 25s video by Christopher Barnatt et al. (November 2009)

Guests of the University

Jude Carroll on plagiarism.

And what's interesting about the question "Are any of these people plagiarists?" is actually that question is…

9 min 7s video by Jude Carroll, External Consultant (January 2006)

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