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Encouraging student participation.

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Faculty of Arts

Altering lectures in response to student input.

Does the student voting actually affect what you deliver in the lecture? Andrew: Yes, yep, it does. I know where I …

3 min 19s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (February 2008)


Foreign language, foreign culture: the effect of cultural integration on language learning.

With an increasing number of international students pursuing a qualification at the University of Nottingham there is growing… (460 word resource by Svenja Adolphs, School of English Studies: January 2005).


Using student response systems to improve interaction in lectures.

Before, I was doing showing of hands in my modules, which is OK, but people are reticent sometimes to be seen, especially if…

3 min 42s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (February 2008)

Faculty of Engineering

Assessing the learning impact of electronic revision aids.

Background: Traditionally, weekly small group tutorial/example classes are used within the School of Chemistry / Faculty of … (764 word resource by Derek Irvine et al.: July 2009).


Questions and activities in lectures.

Can I ask you about asking the students questions in lectures, why do you do it and what do you think are the benefits?…

4 min 5s video by Ed Lester, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering (February 2007)

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Dealing with information overload: student teach thy self.

The Biomedical Sciences are subjects that are or appear to be heavily dependent on a large volume of information with an apparent… (474 word resource by Ian Spendlove, School of Molecular Medical Sciences: September 2005).


Engaging students in learning communication skills.

The key for me is engagement, some students, for one reason or another, might be tiredness, maybe family problems or maybe …

3 min 30s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


How do you keep your audience's attention?

I think this is a really important point. You said "how do you keep the audience's attention for 50 minutes?", I think…

6 min 36s video by Mary Chapple et al. (January 2004)


"Please turn on your mobile phones" - ubiquitous computing in the classroom.

The adoption of the mobile telephone has revolutionised social and commercial communication in the 21st Century. Whilst it is … (443 word resource by Andrew Jackson et al.: January 2007).

Faculty of Science

Asking questions of students in lectures.

Your average class, I would probably break it about 4 times with a straightforward question. In many of the subjects I teach it …

2 min 28s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Perceptions of student engagement in a research-driven university.

Student engagement is critical to learning in higher education. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain… (397 word resource by Jonathan Peirce et al.: September 2004).


Reading academic papers: participation in tutorials.

I get them to go to the library and to make a copy of an academic journal article. It's…

4 min 33s video by Nicola Pitchford, School of Psychology (September 2009)


Real life examples give context to learning in the lecture.

A lot of the diseases earlier in the course, bacterial diseases, we would stop and talk, for a couple of minutes, about. For…

2 min 35s video by Liz Sockett, School of Biology (July 2004)


Tutorials: participation and creativity using nominal group technique.

I've got several kind of set piece formats which I use. One of them is something that comes …

3 min 54s video by David Clarke et al. (September 2009)


Valuing the student voice: the tutorless tutorial.

I'm particularly mindful of the difficulty of getting everybody to participate in a way they're comfortable with, …

1 min 45s video by David Clarke, School of Psychology (November 2009)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Beginning a session with an exercise.

"OK. Could you, first of all, look inside your pack and find the vocabulary list. Now as future language teachers you're all …

1 min 37s video by Do Coyle, School of Education (July 2004)


Enhancing small group teaching: using participatory techniques.

The aim of this project was to explore and evaluate the use of participatory techniques in small group postgraduate teaching and… (334 word resource by Stavroula Leka, Institute of Work Health and Organisations: September 2004).


Inclusivity as a basis for group discussions.

Interaction in the class or the seminar is very important. No. 1 is that it ventilate your doubt about certain …

4 min 26s video by Kingsley Udeh et al. (November 2009)


Involving students in large groups: ideas for using interactive handsets.

With second year students there's an element of confidence as well about whether they feel very happy discussing research…

2 min 41s video by Richard Field et al. (June 2007)


Students' perceptions of how games and case methods enhance their learning.

To enhance student learning, many researchers in recent years have suggested the use of games (and simulation). Research has … (482 word resource by Kim Tan, Nottingham University Business School: September 2006).

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Mathematics Electronic Learning Environment in Engineering ... "MELEES is a web-based environment, developed since 2002, to support students who …"   (Jul 2004; 739 views)

Asking questions of students in lectures.   (Jul 2004; 2 min 28s video; 734 views)

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