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Problem based learning.

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Faculty of Engineering

Exploring the value and significance of project-based learning environments.

The traditional curriculum suffers from overloading students with information and an excessive emphasis on memorisation. Students… (430 word resource by Hichem Trache, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment: September 2004).

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Do we select the right students? Analysis of the 1st year performance of students selected through a multi component interview procedure.

Introduction: Applications for vocational courses such as veterinary medicine far exceed the number of places available. In 2006 … (562 word resource by Michael Jones et al.: January 2008).


Linking theory to practice in an undergraduate veterinary curriculum using case-based teaching: students' perspectives.

Background: Case-based teaching (CBT) has been used extensively in medical and dental educational programs to develop critical … (434 word resource by Hany Elsheikha, School of Veterinary Medicine & Science: September 2008).


Problem based learning in large groups: the experience of undergraduate students and their lecturer.

Background: There is a growing interest in the concepts of teacher-focused versus student-focused approach to teaching. The … (457 word resource by Andrew Conn et al.: September 2006).


The problem-based learning cycle.

PBL starts with session 1 - here at GEM it's divided into 3 sessions. So session 1, the students come together, they're presented…

9 min 19s video by Pete Jennings et al. (March 2008)


Using problem-based learning to develop critical thinking skills.

Another benefit of the structure we have of working through a case in three group meetings, and obviously they do quite a…

2 min 11s video by Paul Garrud et al. (March 2008)


What do you need in a problem-based learning room.

We're sitting in one of the Derby PBL rooms now - what are the special features about this kind of workspace?…

2 min 41s video by Jonathan Ball et al. (March 2008)

Guests of the University

Using problem-based learning in your teaching - advice for colleagues.

Start by saying it isn't particularly new, lots of people assume immediately that it is something new and it's all symbols and…

5 min 22s video by Maggi Savin-Baden et al. (March 2008)

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Understanding evaluation: SET SEM and the student learning ... "Student evaluation procedures play a key role across the HE sector in gauging …"   (Sep 2008; 1765 views)

Mathematics Electronic Learning Environment in Engineering ... "MELEES is a web-based environment, developed since 2002, to support students who …"   (Jul 2004; 739 views)

Asking questions of students in lectures.   (Jul 2004; 2 min 28s video; 734 views)

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