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Faculty of Arts

Guiding students in reading for seminars.

What can you do to help and support students who are maybe struggling with those skills? Nick Thomas, History: We tailor the…

1 min 23s video by Nick Thomas, School of History (June 2007)


Managing the personal side of small group teaching.

You have to draw distinctions very much between the teacher and the assessor, and I think all of us have to change hats from time…

2 min 2s video by Hamish Forbes et al. (January 2004)


Purposes of student-led seminars: development of transferable skills.

I wanted to ask you about seminars and seminar teaching. What is it you actually want your students to gain from participating…

2 min 21s video by Nick Thomas, School of History (June 2007)


Setting up seminars for productive learning.

How to help students effectively prepare for seminars bearing in mind that there's this wide set of skills which we want …

1 min 58s video by Nick Thomas, School of History (June 2007)


Small group teaching: perceptions and practice

Educational research has shown that student-centred teaching promotes a deep approach to learning including conceptual… (426 word resource by Amy Bogaard et al.: September 2003).

Faculty of Science

The good, the bad and the ugly: students' experiences of group projects.

Background: Group projects have the potential to engage a large cohort of students in exercises that complement other aspects of … (480 word resource by Nicola Gray, School of Pharmacy: January 2006).


International perspectives broaden a class debate.

What do you get out of a discussion? Eric Masika: I get different views of how to look at same thing. We're looking at…

4 min 28s video by Eric Masika et al. (November 2009)


Optimising small group teaching in Psychology

Background & Significance Small group teaching (tutorials) forms an essential part of the psychology course and is valued … (537 word resource by Antonia Hamilton, School of Psychology: September 2010).


Tutorials: participation and creativity using nominal group technique.

I've got several kind of set piece formats which I use. One of them is something that comes …

3 min 54s video by David Clarke et al. (September 2009)


Valuing the student voice: the tutorless tutorial.

I'm particularly mindful of the difficulty of getting everybody to participate in a way they're comfortable with, …

1 min 45s video by David Clarke, School of Psychology (November 2009)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Enhancing small group teaching: using participatory techniques.

The aim of this project was to explore and evaluate the use of participatory techniques in small group postgraduate teaching and… (334 word resource by Stavroula Leka, Institute of Work Health and Organisations: September 2004).


How "small" is a "small group"?

"I don't think there is a critical size for a small group. We have tutorials with 20 to 25 per tutorial but I don't see… (283 word resource by Michael Humphreys et al.: January 2004).


Inclusivity as a basis for group discussions.

Interaction in the class or the seminar is very important. No. 1 is that it ventilate your doubt about certain …

4 min 26s video by Kingsley Udeh et al. (November 2009)


Making self-managed group learning effective for postgraduates.

Most students indicate that they enjoy discussing their views and ideas with others from their cohort. In practice, most small… (383 word resource by Raymond Randall, Institute of Work Health and Organisations: January 2004).


Managing small groups from the perspective of the lecturer.

Rationale: Research has shown that small-group teaching promotes a deep approach to learning (Jacques, 1989) Small-group… (261 word resource by Sope Williams et al.: January 2004).


Student roles in small groups.

There is the sound of many conversations in the room as students work in small groups. (Interviewer offscreen:) "You did…

2 min 46s video by Do Coyle, School of Education (July 2004)

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